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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Review

Ryan and I struggled with costume ideas and finally ended up choosing his a week before Halloween. I was an owl. I found a template here and just made it my own really; I rocked it! Ryan was his character from Little Big Planet, only our favorite PS3 game, okay well it's my favorite. Coco was Ron Weasley from HP, because he has red hair.

I made my costume out of a pillowcase, a small feather boa, and 1.5 yards of fabric. I also bought some rocking owl eyelashes. I dare say it was too cute.

I still had to add the boa where the white is

I made Ryan a shirt with a zipper like his little character. On the game he's wearing cut-offs (classy I know), wellington boots, and an army helmet. The body color of his character is white like this hence the shirt I made.

I didn't know they made shirts like the one I made. The character also has vampire teeth and carries around a frying pan that he slaps everyone with. Did I mention I love this game!? Ryan is sticking his toungue out because that's what the character does, he's just keeping it real!

I made Coco a sweater like Ron's that he gets every year from his mom for Christmas. I also made a look-a-like gryffindor scarf, and we tore a twig off the bush to be his wand, but his dog cousin ate it. Ha.

We celebrated at the sister in law's and had some fun.
We didn't get any trick-or-treaters last night. Go figure.


Emily P. said...

cute! I have the same fabric.

Jessica Krzyz said...

probably the cutest thing ever. all three.