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Friday, November 11, 2011

Another one bites the dust

Tried another church on our list on Sunday. Let's just say we're looking for something different.

The church is pretty big, kind of formal, a little disconnected it seems. The pastor is a third generation in that particular church. He's Bible oriented which is great, but he sounds like a robot. Very little emotion, not emphatic (not that we're looking for emphatic, but a little more energetic maybe), and sort of solid in the Word. The message was clear, not very enlightening, and he ended with a cliffhanger; interesting. The message was from the gospels about Jesus healing the leper and telling the leper to show the priest, but instead he tells many people resulting in Jesus having to stay outside the city gates on his travels. He compared leprosy to sin, solid argument and we agree. He then went on to say that the leper "did not need to profess Jesus as Lord", I'm quoting him there. Ryan and I looked at each other in confusion. The service continued and he ended just before the end of the story to say that he'll pick it up on Wednesday night. Huh? A cliffhanger? Shouldn't he have continued? Well I guess now I'm hooked and I can either read it for myself or go back Wednesday night, which we did not.

After the service Ryan and I were talking about the aforementioned quote, and decided that he didn't mean that the leper didn't need to profess Jesus as Lord, but in order for healing he didn't need to say it out loud, presumably the leper knew in his heart. Nevertheless, he probably shouldn't have said it in that way, it was a little misleading. I joked just after this was said, that it seemed that the robot had malfunctioned and was now having glitches, whereas he probably wouldn't have said it if he were rebooted. Hah. I know I'm hilarious.

The search continues this Sunday. We're trying out a church in downtown where a friend goes. It should be interesting. The last church seemed lacking in fellowship and connection between the members of the congregation. I honestly felt like I was in my religion class in college with 200 other freshmen. We definitely want something more warm and inviting. Otherwise a great church with a solid leader.

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