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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Out of the running

Our first church visit was Sunday. We chose a church relatively close to the apartment, just south on 610 maybe a mile and hitch a left and you're there. Super easy. The church has two contemporary services (sweet) and a ton of Sunday School classes to choose from.

Our plan of attack is visit the contemporary service, and no Sunday School. We kind of don't feel it's worth it if the pastor is not on par. So, that's what we did. We hit up the contemporary service equipped with fresh music and a pretty young crowd. The church itself is rather contemporary, to my liking. However, the executive pastor came up at the end of the service (the associate pastor delivered the message) and informed the church that he was stepping down from his pastoral duties to be a church consultant around the U.S. Boo.

Ryan and I decided that we probably wouldn't go back since we've both been to churches with interim pastors and they were not good experiences. So, we discover a new church this coming Sunday. Praying that the Lord will direct us and show us which church we are supposed to serve at.

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Kelli said...

Wait, the Sunday you guys show up is the Sunday the pastor steps down? That's crazy! At least you hadn't gotten attached yet.

I hope your next church is a closer fit!