{The Father of mercies and God of all comfort}

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I've got some time

I've got a little time to kill before I start my evening rituals and finish some curtains that have been sitting half finished for about  two and a half weeks!

--I'm feeling much better. Still pretty tired, but that's a given. The nasty cough is thinning out thanks to Mucinex and the weird Neti Pot.

--I cleaned out my bag for work. So much more organized and lighter. This is minus my classroom notebook and my team leader notebook. I only bring those home on weekends and when I have important work that needs attention. And I've added another book since this was taken.

Ryan and I went on a picnic on Saturday at the park. Of course we brought Coco. It was slightly muddy, but the ground wasn't wet.

--I relocated Benaiah to the book shelf  in a freshly cleaned bowl.

--Deciding which Halloween card to make for the classroom parents:


Now I need an Oreo snack.


Emily P. said...


Amanda said...

maybe you shouldn't go outside. clearly it makes you sick :P loves j/k.
i miss the park so much! super jealous that you get to sit in Texas grass with trees. we had one rain since summer started and things are trying to grow again here, but it needs more rain and less burning hot sun.

misses. i hope you feel better again.