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Monday, October 17, 2011

Infant Mental Health

So I started a training seminar this weekend, as in I went to it. It's a 24 hour program that works out over the course of four months. The last class will be in January. The seminar is for infant mental health started by the Texas Association for Infant Mental Health. This is the pilot class given a grant by the Hogg Foundation, so all thirty of the candidates in the class get to earn certification for free. Score. The class will earn me an Infant Family Associate endorsement that is nationally recognized. So I'll get to put an abbreviation behind my name, create a portfolio, a free 1 year membership to TAIMH, and the 24 hours of training.

The training started Saturday and it was awesome. I am thrilled to be doing this class, because I will be more reputable in professional settings, and I will be networking with so many people. Also,I will gain the opportunity to work my way into infant and family policy and advocacy which I developed a passion for my last semester of college. And, there is a conference in January that Dr. T. Terry Brazleton, a leader in the field, will be speaking at! I simply cannot express how much I love this already!!


Emily P. said...

that's awesome that you're so excited about it!

Emily P. said...

woo hoo! I can comment again!