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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Diet Plan

As I mentioned in my short, rambly post last week, Ryan has started a diet. It's called the "Six Week Body Makeover" and at the end of six weeks you're supposed to have lost thirty pounds. Ryan's sister started it roughly six weeks ago and she did drop 30 pounds, way to go! So, Ryan and I talked about it and he decided he'd like to do it.

The first thing you have to do is take a quiz to find out what body type you are. Once you find that out then you can begin to build a diet plan. The diet pretty much cuts out refined sugars and all fat. In addition you have to do specialized exercises each day (I'm still a little fuzzy on that). So, Ryan does these exercises then we go to the gym four nights a week and he walks for roughly forty minutes while I walk and do the elliptical wannabe. We decided we'll weigh him once a week. The most complicated part of the diet is the actual diet. Hah.

The food is easy, but he has to eat sooo much and I have to prepare it all. We have a system in which he walks the dog in the morning and I do it at night and when I get home from work and I make all the meals because I have the time. Since I leave for work first he walks the dog and I make him breakfast before I leave. I figured I need to be as much support as I can be since the diet kinda sucks and he works really long days.

He has to have breakfast, a mid-morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack, dinner, and an optional night-time snack.

He wanted to do the "rapid results" plan to get it over with, and it sucks. I'm not allowed to cook with any oils, which isn't a problem, and he can only have chicken and turkey on the rapid results plan and some tuna. So, it's a very boring diet. No salt = Mrs. Dash and salt substitute. The Mrs. Dash is pretty good, but the salt substitute tastes horrible. I almost threw up when I tried it, well not really I just gagged. It takes a lot of effort on my part to make twice as much food everyday for the next day, so I'm in the kitchen for probably 1.5 hours preparing and making his daily diet foods.

But we went to the store over the weekend to stock up on some of the items now that we know quantity. We then packaged everything into days worth in freezer bags, so the freezer is full of frozen vegetables and chicken. This new system is much easier. All I have to do is grab the baggies and cook. The measuring was a bit weird for me at first, but now I have the hang of it and it's all pre-measured in the ziploc bags. Lots easier. We have to go to the gym really late to exercise which puts us in bed around 11:00. Last night it was almost midnight. It's a very late day and super early morning at 5 for me. It'll be worth it though and only 5 weeks to go (give or take).

Ryan's already lost 12 pounds in a week. Keep it up!


Kelli said...

Wow; that's a big commitment! It's great that you're being so supportive. Go Ryan!

Emily P. said...

wow! 12 pounds - that is a lot! At that rate he will beat his goal. Good for him and good for you for being so supportive. It will be worth it in the end :)