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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's in the box

Okay, I'm trying to catch up on some of the things I've done in the new place. Basically, very little.

Here's what was in the box! (sorry it took me so long)
Beautiful right? I love it. It's called solar flair which makes it that much cooler.

So this solar flair material turned into living room curtains:
I love them! I made them using hem tape and the iron. I was way too lazy to run that much fabric through the sewing machine. But I did sew the top hem and I still need to cut and sew the bottom hem. There is way more fabric, beause of calculations that didn't match with the molding on the window. I did not hem both sides of the curtains either. Hah. Just one side the other is a raw edge and it doesn't look bad in person, but if it starts to bother me or someone thinks it looks bad, I'll fix it.

I hung the anchor Emily and Jonathan got us for our wedding gift by the front door. It's a door knocker from Portugal, and we couldn't rightly hang it on our apartment door, so it's beside it and it hold our keys - sometimes. I don't like how it looks with all the keys on it and I don't like the way it looks with one set of keys, it's lopsided. So, I might make a key ring for the mailbox key and keep it there. No big deal. I love the anchor!! 

 I also added a picture frame that I copied from here under the anchor. I thought it was too cute; it's a number one with RyanCecillyCoco.

We got an entertainment center/shelf unit from Ikea. We finished putting it together on Saturday. It's pretty cool, but now we need pretty things to put on it.
Watching Law and Order
What it looked like before:
EEK. Glad we fixed that.

We put together our dining room table a couple of weeks ago. It's great.
Letting the glue set

I painted an old cookie sheet turquoise (the same color as a shelf in the kitchen) to hang on the wall to hold notes and what not.
I can't decide if I want to paint the edges. Still throwing that around. It's on the wall just outside of the kitchen.

We bought these shelves from the Container Store with a gift card from the sister in laws:
That's two small units stacked on top of each other. We didn't like it, so we moved it around as is, put them side by side, and we were still not satisfied. So, we made them end tables for the couch. Our coffee table has two end tables, but I like the shelves much better (gotta snag a pic when the room isn't a disaster zone).

We got this fan for the bedroom, because it's hot in Texas. We looked for a fan we wouldn't be ashamed to display and got this classy looking dude:

Ryan putting it together.

And that's all that has really happened. I'm working on some other things, but I've been sick or distracted or too tired. Hopefully I can have something bright and sunshiney for you to view Thursday.

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