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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Turtle Tot

My classroom needed a new exersaucer real bad. The old one was broken by two of our chidren last year. They destroyed the poor thing and I broke a toy off of it too. I asked for a new one and they brought it to me yesterday still in the box. Never opened. Hah.
I grabbed some scissors and started into the box. I pulled out all of the bags inside filled with pieces of this contraption. I did a quick glance for the instructions and quit; I couldn't find them. So, I thought to myself, "I am a smart well-educated woman, I can do this."

So I looked at the picture on the box and pieced it together. It took me all of five minutes. It's super cute. It's a turtle and it's called "TurtleTot."

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Amanda said...

what does exersaucer mean? isn't that a bouncy? i like turtles. its cute. how does it work if you only have one of these and like 7 babies? they take turns?