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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Shark Attack

Shark Navigator that is.

     Ryan and I have been in the market for a vacuum that sucks well. You know a good vacuum. I want the shark steamer mop, but have no use for it. So, we looked into the vacuums, okay Ryan did the looking. I watched tv. He compared it to the top Hoover, which he prefers, and decided it was a better vacuum for the price. The comparable Hoover was nearly $200 and this Shark Navigator that never loses suction with pet attachments was running $150 in the stores. Online at Wal-Mart Ryan found it for $110, but he didn't want to ship it, being as that we'll need it soon. So, we headed to the stores to do a search. We knew how much it was at Target, on sale until September 9, and could compare it to the other store prices. We checked Wal-Mart to no avail, $150. We hopped on over to Target, still on sale for $10 less, so we snagged the last one.

     Not only was it the last vacuum, but the box was taped on the top. I guess someone opened it to check it out and decided to put it back. So, at checkout I asked if we could have a discount because the box was taped up. A manager came over, took it to customer service, and came back with a sticker. The final price for the vacuum................$104!!! Sweet victory. Now we have an awesome sucky vacuum!

I know she's purple, but we'll deal!

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Amanda said...

All sharks are purple. we have one also. i love it. it gets tough hairs and its battery so i don't have to worry about the cord. i like how easy it is to take apart and vacuum the couch and stuff too.