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Saturday, September 24, 2011


     I feel completely crazy trying to make the apartment livable. Still struggling. I don't want to blog about the apartment until the place looks livable. We've got most things in place, but there are still quite a few items around the house that are not "home" yet. I really need to give myself a home pedicure and do some shopping. Heck, I haven't even showered. However, I did wash my face and put my hair back, throw in two loads of laundry, moved some things in the kitchen, finished putting the tv shelf together, painted a cookie sheet turned magnet board for the kitchen wall, turned in a dvd we rented from the apartment offic "Green Hornet", walked Coco twice, fixed the picture by the front door, moved my china to it's new "home", moved the bedroom furniture and stepped back skeptically, unpleased, made a weekly dinner menu, made a grocery list, and a list of things we need for the place for decorating and diying, checked the bank account, searched the net for fabric and curtains, failed, going to have to improvise. Now I'm waiting on Ryan to come home to eat lunch. He had to work today, boo. I'm told he won't have to work every Saturday, but he will for about three weeks maybe more. Boo again.
Some things on the to do:
Can't wait to be able to live in order!


Emily P. said...

um...are you getting buffalo art? kind of jealous and I need the pair print since it was our wedding theme!

Emily P. said...

the bottom picture: wall of curtains...you should do that in your dining room over the mirror wall!