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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


     We moved everything into the apartment on Saturday. It was a pretty easy move thanks to everyone who helped! That evening we had no space to cook let alone clean up. Hah. So we ordered a pizza. I washed dishes and towels all day so we could put the place together. What a mess we had. As of today we still have not put our dining room table together or finalized furniture placement in the living room, the bedroom is littered, no FILLED with clothes and things that need a home, and the second bedroom looks good. The one room we won't use often is nice and neat-ish. I broke down boxes today (oh I'm sick so I stayed home yesterday and today). I made a slow go of it so I wouldn't overwork myself and end up feeling worse. I broke down the boxes, folded the towels and put them in the linen closet, and I'm in the process of putting together our new bookshelf and sorting clothes in the bedroom before Ryan gets home from work. I have Coco next to me sleeping on the messy couch. He has made a wonderful transition, the little trooper. He is terrified of all the boxes and moving things around, but no episodes and no accidents on the carpet. What a smart little chihuahua/pinscher!

So for progress.
Saturday night
The living room
A view of the hallway from the living/dining room

A view of the dining room, glorious mirrored wall and all

The pantry (notice the bread we bought on the floor, hah)

The hall later in the night, slight progress yikes

The bedroom completely blocked. It's like something out of hoarders!

The dining room Sunday, real progress

The living room Sunday negative progress?

The kitchen 95% put together on Sunday night

There you have it for now. Things are slowly coming together. We will tackle the table tonight.
I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

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Emily P. said...

YES! Thank you. Do you feel more "married" now, now that y'all have your own place? So exciting!