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Friday, September 2, 2011

Curtain Call

Wouldn't you like to know what's in the box?

Well I'm not going to tell you until we've moved!
That's right. You heard it folks. We are finally moving out of the in-laws!!!!!!! (I can't add enough exclamation marks)! We found a great deal on a large two bedroom two bath apartment off Westheimer, 1.3 miles from my school! What what. It's so close to 610 that when the cars whizz by on the highway it blows our hair around; total exaggeration, but all that to sa,y it will be simple for Ryan to hit the highway to get to work. The job, mind you, that is allowing for this move! Praise the Lord.

     We're not sure why God deemed it time for us to move, or why he provided so much for us to fathom moving, but I'm not about to question His timing and provision. We're just thankful we get to be on our own, just the two of us and Coco of course. I had a vision this morning (not the Professor Trelawney kind of vision), but a glimpse of God's design.

     I imagined Ryan and I having dinner,or watching tv, and just enjoying each other when we move, just he and I hand in hand as we walk around our apartment for the first time (sounds weird and cheesey), and thought how amazing that this is how God designed it. The reason for marriage is companionship, but more importantly to honor God and be with God together. So I imagined Adam and Eve, the perfect beings created by the God of the universe before the fall, walking through the garden hand in hand with God walking alongside them. Perfection. I feel that way about Ryan and I being able to move. What a wonderful vision to have.

     Move in date is scheduled for September 7, but actual move in date will be that Friday. So one week from today!!! Hooray. Here's to closing the curtain (hint hint) on a chapter of the Martinez journey, Freebirds here we come.


Kelli said...

Woohoo!! That's soooo good- I'm really happy for you! I just wish I could figure out what's in the box. ;)

Jessica Krzyz said...

yay! <3

Amanda said...