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Saturday, September 3, 2011

4 is my favorite number

     But when it comes to cleaning a couch, I would prefer just one. One magic eraser as opposed to four! Whew.

     In light of the move (!!!!!!) Ryan and I have been packing and cleaning and painting to get ready. We painted my dresser that we'll put somewhere in the apartment black. I've had the dresser since I was in middle school. It was a natural light color, then I added nice collages to the sides of it and wrapped the drawers in fabric. Then when I left for college, Ryan helped me tear the collages off, sand it down, and paint it white. It followed me from my first apartment to the duplex and to my last apartment in Waco. We painted another piece of furniture that we're unsure of where it will end up as well, turquoise. It's been with me since the first apartment in Waco.

     The couch has the same story as the turqoise shelf. We found it on the curb in Newport, where we currently reside, about five years ago. I brought it to my first apartment after cleaning it up real well. Then I let a friend in Waco use it for two years and when Ryan and I got married we brought it back with us. It sat in the in-law's shed this first year of marriage and was recently moved into the house. It was muddy on the back, because the dolly had mud on it, fun. I put off cleaning it, because every time I went to the store I forgot magic erasers. Well I finally remembered, and we cleaned the couch last weekend. It took about 40 minutes and four magic erasers. G to the Ross!

     Here it is with the middle cushion still dirty to show the "magical" difference:
oh nevermind I deleted it. Bummer.

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Amanda said...

why did you have to get me all excited to see the picture then your like ohhh i don't have it! jerk!. :) i forgot what this couch looks like, i think i only saw it when moving you into that first apartment in waco. magic erasers are magic. :)