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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sweet 16

My little brother turned 16 last Saturday. I can't believe it! I remember when he was the size of a football. So tiny and fat! What happenend?

We met my parents and brothers at a restaurant and they brought him  this flower thing with a piece of cheesecake. They lit the flower on fire and it opened up and played the melody of "Happy Birthday". It was super cute.

Ryan so desperately wanted to buy my little brother a Bowie Knife. I let him. It is crazy and I refused to bring the gift into the restaurant. He really enjoyed it, and so did my parents.

We printed off knife laws in Texas, which was about half a page long, and rolled it up and stuck it under the ribbon of the gift. I know my brother and I was fearful he wouldn't take the gift seriously. So, I made sure he did. I made him a card and wrote three rules on the back for reassurance. You know, like: no one else can ever touch the gift, and it's only used for bear grylls type activities.

I also made him cupcake brownies complete with small blue flags on each brownie that spelled out sweet sixteen. Hah.
Still can't believe it!

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Jessica Krzyz said...

WOAH! freaking crazy. we're old.