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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


in the words of Scoob Doo. Ruh Roh Raggy.

     We definitely have a ruh roh situation on our hands. New teacher orientation started on Monday at my school. I was looking for my new teacher in the crowd and I didn't see her. Mind you I only peeked in the door once, so she could have been anywhere. Right? Well, my director and assistant director call me into the office later on Monday to inform me that they received an email from my supposed new teacher on Friday that she was turning down the position. What a scaredy cat! For real, the weekend before training she emailed and said she wouldn't do the job. After searching and searching for this girl she just up and walks away.

Super bummer.

     We decided it would not be wise to put my current teacher back in with me temporarily, because it will #1 cause confusion about leadership in the classroom and #2 be painful for her when we move her out to be replaced. But, my other options, pardon me, totally blow! Completely unacceptable subs, I do not want in my class. Not to mention in charge in the afternoons! Ahh. So, we are frantically looking for a new teacher. That is nearly impossible for infants. No one wants to do this job, except for a few special people. Like me.
     I'm calling up all the people I know who would maybe be slightly interested and maybe I'll make some connections and find a new teacher.

     Needless to say the start of school, August 30th is going to be a doozy. I'm not ready.

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