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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Oh the baby blues, I mean pinks

     One friend has recently had a baby girl and for her shower gift I bought a boppy and some other small item I can't remember. The boppy cover was not the one she wanted, but was the cutest at the Target store, it has owls on it and it's pink. She liked the owls so much she kind of ran with that theme in the room. Well she bought a sweet owl figurine on Etsy to put on the shelf in the baby's room.
     Our Sunday school class signed up to bring the family food the first few weeks after the baby was born. Ryan and I made them a chicken pot pie with a recipe we found online. No props to us on ingenuity, but they did enjoy it. We also bought them the cutest little bear babie booties from Wal-Mart, some diapers and a watermelon. It was a fun trip to bring them gifts and see the sweet red headed baby girl. She is to die for!

     Another friend of ours is having a baby girl very soon, next month. For her first shower I bought some bottle stuff she registered for and a ring stacker from Babies 'R Us, a class favorite among my babies. I made a tissue paper G, because I didn't know the babies initials until the day before the shower, also seen on Pinterest, and I found the cutest scrapbook paper with umbrellas on it for the shower card. The baby shower was at Olive Garden and I helped a friend decorate. It was all very sweet.

     For the friend's second baby shower I stole yet another idea from Pinterest! Way to go creative people with awesome computer programs and the ability to save picture as! Hah. Found the idea here. I framed it and it looked like this: 

Pretty cute if I do say so myself Pinterest.
     I also made her a bib out of old shirts. They were thoroughly washed before and after the project. I found a tutorial here. I just kind of eyed everything and made it work. It's very imperfect which makes it kinda great. I hope she likes it. I also made another card with the same umbrella paper. Hello it's precious.

     And so goes my baby blues taken over by baby pinks! Who doesn't love a sweet baby girl!

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