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Monday, August 22, 2011

Coco's swimming adventures

     This weekend we took Coco to my parents house with intentions of swimming in the small above ground pool. If you recall we bought Coco a lifejacket for our South Padre vacation. He did use it in the ocean, but was very unhappy about it. We thought maybe if we get him out of the waves he'd like the water more. Did he? Of course not. He is very catlike, so it was no surprise. He's still precious trying though!

At my parents:

Without his life jacket

It was an epic fail with his lifejacket on. He kept trying to pull his legs inside of it to climb on top of it, so he would get one leg stuck and start to roll. Have no fear, Ryan never let go of him, he never rolled all the way over!

In South Padre:
Honestly the best video of him swimming in South Padre
I think he just needs more practice! Poor dog.

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Kelli said...

He is the cutest little fuzzy baby ever! I love his ears in that last picture. :)