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Sunday, July 31, 2011

South Padre Vacation

     To celebrate our one year anniversary Ryan and I wen to South Padre Island. We planned to do all things tourist (and we did) and really enjoyed it. We rented a very nice condo ( that I took no pictures of sadly) that was half a block from the beach.

We went on a dolphin watch/eco tour. We saw like three dolphins (lame) and they drug a net and pulled up some native marine life. Pretty cool.
We went snorkeling. It was at 5 'o clock apparently not the ideal time to snorkel. The water was a little murky and the sun shining through made it harder to see. There was a lot of seaweed, but we did see two types of fish and used our fun underwater camera.
We went on a bay fishing trip. Which was a bust. Ryan caught four hardhead catfish that are apparently not good to eat, so the boat captain made everyone throw back those cathes. And I caught nothing. So we came home empty handed, but had a good time on the boat.
We hung out on the beach, of course, and built a sandcastle per our beach vacation tradition.

Anniversary dinner:
We were going to eat our catch from the bay fishing trip, but since we came home empty haded we bought some red snapper from the store and cooked that instead. It was mighty tasty if I do say so myself (I did cook it).

Commemeration: To commemerate our trip we wanted to take a similiar picture to one we took on our first vacation as a married couple to Cozumel. We took a landmark picture with the man who founded the island Padre Jose Nicholas. Ryan suggested we take pictures of all the "1's" we see on the island as well. This will be done for all of our anniversaries. I have to compile and edit these.

Anniversary gift: The trip was pretty much our gift to ourselves in celebration, but since the one year anniversary gift is supposed to be paper we decided to do a picture. I found a picture on pinterest that I wanted to recreate.
from Pinterest.com

Our picture
Wonderful trip.

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Jessica Krzyz said...

that is a really awesome picture! good idea. cant wait to see all the ones as well. sounds fun! :D