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Friday, July 22, 2011

No rain, no nutrients = no growth

     So remember our great garden we planted with lots of veggies? Well it's not so great anymore. It's officially lacking any vegetables. We have no produce. Oh wait, we did get some carrots,
Go ahead and laugh.
     We decided that the clay in crosby is lack in nutrients and the plants grew nice and huge, but they produced no fruit because there are not enough nutrients to support that kind of growth. For real, our zucchini got as big as I am, well they grew up to my knees, but never showed me any zucchini. They bloomed their flowers and not fruit. Very sad. All we were able to produce were these freakishly tiny carrots that have been growing for 2 and a half months. The plants stopped growing at a certain height, all of the plants, so we knew something was wrong. We couldn't even grow any potatoes! Which is pretty much the easiest thing to grow. Honestly. My sunflowers never even grew.
     We do still have the lemon tree. I think the lemons might be getting bigger, but they aren't turning yellow yet. I'm going to look up some information about the tree. It's a drawf Meyer lemon tree. So, I threw the carrots into the bushes around the trees in the front yard, so hopefully something will eat them or the ground will absorb them.

Those giant bush things are Tallowwood trees that are growing from roots of the same tree that Ryan cut down several months ago. Apparently they grow no matter the conditions. What a resourceful nusiance.

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