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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Need to know basis

     Last week my co-teacher was on vacation, so I was assigned a helper, a sub (never is this a positive thing). As most people are aware, infants are tempermental especially around 9 months to 1 year and they have stranger anxiety. So when a teacher is not in our classroom on a regular basis whether it's the lead teachers or those teachers who give breaks, things are hard.
     She did okay with the children and she was quite helpful. She is new this summer. I was called into the office just before my lunch break to talk about staffing for the new school year. The director, assistant director, and program coordinator were in the meeting. They told me that the staffing is a big puzzle and all the pieces fit together at the last possible second. They then told me that they were moving my co-teacher out of my classroom for sure. My co-teacher, Hortencia, told them she was getting too old to work with the infants and her health is not too good. A week later she told them she needed to stay in the classroom one more year, because it would be too hard to leave the babies.
     They decided while she was on vacation to remove her despite her wishes and place a new teacher with me. Yikes, the stress. Stress of having to keep it a secret and the stress of knowing before my co-teacher is aware of what is going to happen next year. I'm kind of wigging out. I'm thrilled about the possibilities, and nervous about my one year of experience. Nonetheless, I am a strong, competent, hard-working, young woman who will definitely get the job done. I will miss my co-teacher more than words and know that our end of year party will be full of tears. Happy tears and oh-so-sad ones.

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