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Friday, July 29, 2011

Developments of the Job Fronts

There have been some exciting developments on the job front.

     Ryan got a job offer from his old boss about a month ago. There was some back and forth per his current boss about releasing him to go to this new job. Ryan works for Baker Hughes, but he is paid by a temporary agency (it's a union thing). So, in order for him to go to the new job, which has better pay and hours, his current boss has to "release" him. Pretty much just say he is free to go. Ryan could quit the job if he wanted and go to the new place, but that would look bad. All of this run around to say, his current boss released him and he starts his new job on August 3. Very exciting. I don't know exactly what he'll be doing; something in the warehouse office and some CAD stuff. There is so much opportunity where he is going and the hours will make it possible for him to go back to school soon. He will have a good schedule, 40 hours, with lots of overtime possibilities and they are going to pay $1.50 more than we were told originally! Amazing. The pay is now $4.00 more than what he was making on top of a full time schedule = moving! If you have no degree you that dollars/hour mean everything. This is very good news. Praise the Lord.

     My co-teacher is for sure leaving my classroom. I am getting a young girl to come work with me. She just graduated college with an education degree and she's a newlywed. I'm excited to work with her. I think we will collaborate nicely. I like that she's younger than me, because I will feel like I'm in charge. I'm a small person and anyone older might have thought I lack the knowledge and experience to be the lead teacher. As I've said before, I have mixed feelings about losing my co-teacher. I am sad and excited about the change. I'm nervous that I'll suck-it-up, but confident in my training and knowledge. My director also had a proposition for me. They are restructuring our departments and they want me to be the leader of the infant/toddler department. So flattering! I get a monthly stipend and will be over 9 other teachers (that's a lot!). I'm looking forward to the new structures for collaboration. I prayerfully considered the offer and couldn't find a reason to say no, so I am the new team leader for the infant/toddler department.

     In the meantime, we will be on the prowl for an apartment ready to sign a lease for September or even August!


Emily P. said...


So exciting!

ShaunB said...

Congratulations! That sounds so exciting!

Jessica Krzyz said...

great news!!!!