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Sunday, July 17, 2011

David Crowder's Last Stand

     Ryan and I love the David Crowder Band. All of their music pretty much rocks our socks (weird for me to say, but that's as close as I can get in words). They are overflowing with talent, intelligence, and creativity in their music. The lyrics are captivating and the musicality like nothing you've ever heard. They have recently decided this is their last tour, which I guess means they will no longer be making any albums. I'm not sure about that, but it only makes sense right? Might I just say SUPER BUMMER! It will be a very sad day in music history when they are done touring. I'll just have to make do with the music we have, every album btw.

     Faith and Family night was last night at Minute Maid. The Astros played a second of three games against the Pirates, we won! Holla. I won tickets to the game, here. I was beyond stoked that we were able to go. However, no one wanted to go watch the 'Stros lose, so we only got our friend Cameron to go with us. So the fourth ticket was wasted. Boo on you people who said you were busy, you missed out. The game was very good and we won by two points, we'll see how the 'Stros do today. We headed down to the first level for the concert, but our seats for the game were on the top level, oof, really bad, but we had fun watching the tiny baseball players run around.
Gotta have my cotton candy
The 7 Tour

with a hint of talent.
Hands up people, "we're gonna sing like we're saved"!
Intense talent and worship.

So thankful for those free tickets. They're making one more album, I. Can't. Wait.

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