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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Birthday Rundown

Yes, my birthday was a week ago....so here's what happend. Nothing interesting really. Except that a few weeks before I was in my classroom putting one of my babies to sleep when I panicked! How old am I going to be? Flashed through my mind. Then I thought, 25?! No way. The birthday card I made for Ryan was 24 right? Oh, no what If I totally messed up. No fear, I know I only turned 24. Not that 25 is a bad thing, but there's so much I want to do in my life that being 25 is very grown up. Now, for the actual day of my 24th.
Ryan and I went to my parent's house to play in the boat, but when we got there my dad had run the battery down in the boat when he was trying to fix the ignition switch. Well it wasn't the battery, he thought maybe there was a short somewhere so we didn't get to go out. Bummer. And I was so excited to try out my gift that Ryan bought me (even though he wasn't supposed to buy me anything because we said the sewing machine was for my birthday) a Kodak PlaySport video camera/camera. It goes underwater! How sweet is that, we'll be using it in South Padre. All of the pictures from my birthday were taken on the camera. The quality is not bad. No videos yet, ironically enough, we'll try to get a good one.

My birthday table. Complete with presents and snickers cupcakes! Yum.

Party hats and blowers. Yep, I'm 24.

Present pile.

My parents brought me back some stuff from Europe. Pretty great. I'll compile photos of my gifts and posts those.

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