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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bend and...oh snap

     I've been using my sewing machine quite a bit mainly to take in shirts that are too wide for me, and sew some details on my plain work shirts, and patch up Ryan's busted knees. I was sewing up some of Ryan's khaki shorts that he managed to rip holes in both knees. I got close to one of the cargo pockets and the machine wigged on me. Now it's done this before, sort of. The thread got tangled and the motor locked up. Easy fix: pull out tangled thread and remove fabric. Well my machine is digital, so there's a button to take the needle up. Well I pressed the button and it made this crazy sound. I stare at the mess wondering what I'm going to do. I forget that I have the wheel on the side of the machine to lift the needle. Hah. It's like you're car breaking down and not being able to call for help, because we don't have cell phones. What did we do before them?
     Ryan comes over because he doesn't want me to break it and I tell him the issue. He takes the presser foot off and wiggles the material free and the needle is bent.

Wow, go team! It was easy enough to replace the needle, so I deemed his shorts done. I think they'll hold okay with a tiny open spot. I can sew it up by hand, but didn't want to tonight. It's not pretty work, but it's practical.

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