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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2 More Days 'till Vacation

Oh I can't wait. It will be a short getaway not so far from home, but it will be a peaceful time for sure. Ryan insisted that we bring Coco on vacation and he insisted that we get him a doggie lifejacket to swim in the pool. Like I would say no! Hah. So, we bought Coco a lifejacket for his birthday which we deemed July 7. I think it's very close to his real birthday, I know it's in July.
He does not like the thing yet, but hopefully he'll let us put him in the pool without a frenzy. We will definitely capture it on film.
Here he is giving me the stink eye.

The internet said the lifejacket was yellow and I'm glad it came in neon green, green is Coco's color.

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