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Monday, June 27, 2011

Tiny artists

Last week I did an art project with my infants. Yes it sounds complicated and that's why I did it when we had a third person in our classroom for 30 minutes. I planned the activity to paint on contact paper. I cut out rectangles of contact paper only to find out they weren't clear. I was a little frustrated, but I we had clear paper in the resource room. I taped the white paper on the table in front of each child and let them feel the sticky paper for a few minutes. Then I dropped put four colors of paint on the paper and they went to town. I cut the clear contact paper and stuck it on the painted paper. Soo cute!
Four out of five paintings (2 babies were out that day)



Gray (he cried instead of painted)

And Nathanial.

What a wonderful job. They are so cute. When I took the masking tape off of the contact paper it left the white border.