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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Done & Done

We bought a new computer. As I said, we wanted a hard-working computer. A computer that won't let us down in three years. Ryan has graphics requirements for a game he has and wants to play. We wanted it to be fast and sort of top of the line. We Ryan looked at all the specifications on the computers by certain brands. He looked at Dell, Alienware, Sony, and MSI. The computers he looked at needed an I5 or I7 processor and NVIDIA Geforce GT540M graphics card. The I7 processors were way more than I wanted to pay. We found an MSI laptop with an I5 processor and his graphics preferences for a really good deal. He searched for reviews and we found about five on the particular computer. It was the only brand that had all the requirements for a seriously great price. Now, we paid top dollars for the laptop, but not $1000 (that was how much the big name brands ran for our requirements!). Way too much. So, it's way below that price, but like I said, a pretty penny was spent for quality. Let's hope it holds up.

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