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Friday, June 10, 2011


Our garden is still growing despite this terrible dry season we've encountered, or rather has hovered over us relentlessly with it's humidity making it impossible to breathe at times and burning sunshine. Praise God for the cool springtime weather we had before this hovering drought. Yes, the garden is slowly growing. We've lost most of our peas, they couldn't handle the sun, and we have five (I think) zucchini plants flourishing. They are gigantic; I had no idea they'd get so big [that's what she said]. Sorry, had to digress.
Our garden we planted by the fence is doing well. As well as it can anyway. We have no strawberries, and no lettuce. We do have carrots, squash, green beans, and potatoes. Our lemon tree is looking pretty pitiful.
We water the vegetables three times a day because of the lack of rain. Before I have breakfast, when Ryan gets home from work, and when I get home from work (around 7:30). I think that's why they are still holding on. Poor little guys. My sunflowers are still very small stalks, the bellpepper plant is relatively the same size, and the cilantro gets sizzled and looks tired.
Look at those zucchini. They're along the shed on the left.
There's some strange plant growing on the right, he looks like bad news.
The cute little yellow blossoms
Grow garden grow.

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