{The Father of mercies and God of all comfort}

Monday, June 27, 2011

Tiny artists

Last week I did an art project with my infants. Yes it sounds complicated and that's why I did it when we had a third person in our classroom for 30 minutes. I planned the activity to paint on contact paper. I cut out rectangles of contact paper only to find out they weren't clear. I was a little frustrated, but I we had clear paper in the resource room. I taped the white paper on the table in front of each child and let them feel the sticky paper for a few minutes. Then I dropped put four colors of paint on the paper and they went to town. I cut the clear contact paper and stuck it on the painted paper. Soo cute!
Four out of five paintings (2 babies were out that day)



Gray (he cried instead of painted)

And Nathanial.

What a wonderful job. They are so cute. When I took the masking tape off of the contact paper it left the white border.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

One week ago...

So, Last week we house sat for some friends

Ryan + 3 dogs small in stature
Coco was clearly not a fan of the big puppy
She is wild!
We made Llama burgers
From Mr. Krzyzanowski
They were tastey and definitely have their own unique flavor

Crashed a computer and bought a new one

Altered a shirt. I took in that much on each side, about an inch. The shirt is an x-small people.
Then I added some interest. I taped on the hearts that I cut from a shirt I never wore.
Then I sewed x's with orange thread in the middle of each heart, because I cannot sew appliques. Hah.
The blue dots will wash out, they're pen marks to sew the lines correctly.

All in all a pretty uneventful week. Ryan was really sick this week with bronchitis. He rarely gets sick and missed two days of work and he had two days off at the end of the previous week in which he was really sick as well. The poor thing was sick for a week and a half and still has a persistent cough and was prescribed a cough syrup with codene that makes him hyper inseated of tired. So he wakes up in the middle of the night coughing. Exhausting.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Done & Done

We bought a new computer. As I said, we wanted a hard-working computer. A computer that won't let us down in three years. Ryan has graphics requirements for a game he has and wants to play. We wanted it to be fast and sort of top of the line. We Ryan looked at all the specifications on the computers by certain brands. He looked at Dell, Alienware, Sony, and MSI. The computers he looked at needed an I5 or I7 processor and NVIDIA Geforce GT540M graphics card. The I7 processors were way more than I wanted to pay. We found an MSI laptop with an I5 processor and his graphics preferences for a really good deal. He searched for reviews and we found about five on the particular computer. It was the only brand that had all the requirements for a seriously great price. Now, we paid top dollars for the laptop, but not $1000 (that was how much the big name brands ran for our requirements!). Way too much. So, it's way below that price, but like I said, a pretty penny was spent for quality. Let's hope it holds up.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Computer Failure

Man, I talk about failing a bit. This failure is technology failure. My old piece of junk Compaq has quit. It won't come on and Ryan and I are in the process of buying a new one. We're using his busted Mac to search (I'll get a pic of the ghetto thing). We've found some good deals, but we want to do more research. We have some standards for this next computer. Our old purchases were strictly for school and purchased only what was necessary, but this time we mean business! No more junk. I have all of my files backed up on the hard drive, but the most recent docs and pics weren't saved, just a few. All is not lost. I'm piggy backing off of Ryan's computer and it's not my own so I don't want to do too much. Until we find the right one...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Job

  I graduated from Baylor University (Sic 'em Bears!) with a degree in child development and family studies. I really had no clue which direction God would take this. I developed a heart and passion for children the last semester I was at San Jac (community college). I was working at my local church and knew that business, what my associate degree is, was not what God wanted me to do.

  I had no idea that God would even lead me to Baylor. I'm so glad He did. I knew coming out of school I would probably not make very much money, but the hope was the husband would come out of school making good money. Well if it ain't always the way, God showed me my plans were not His. Man I really hate being wrong! Ryan did not finish school and I got a low paying job, as was anticipated. I am an infant teacher for a Day School at a Methodist church in River Oaks. Technically an early childhood teacher. NOT a childcare provider and it is NOT a daycare! I hate those words.

  I've said it a million times, I love my job!! However, our monthly student loan bills are steep. Even with getting out federal bills down to two digits each, we still struggle. Ryan works a low paying, temporary, part-time job. And if it can't get any worse after six months of working for the company they are supposed to offer him a full time position, but his immediate boss said they may ask him to take a few days off. You know so it doesn't look like he's worked there for six months and they won't be obligated to give him a permanent job. Also, Ryan thinks that if they ask him to take off, they won't ask him to come back. This hits hard in light of our bills.

  My job brings me a ton of joys I never knew like:
   -I've discovered that I LOVE babies. I mean it. I can't look at a baby without wanting to hold it and play with it and read to it. LOVE LOVE LOVE
   -I'm really good at what I do. When I was given the job I was incredibly nervous, because I'd never worked with infants. It's natural and lovely.
  -Babies are sooo smart and they grow soooooo fast. It's unbelievable and I can hardly believe a year has already gone by.

   It also reminds me:
   -mucus grosses me out more than poop.
   -I still can't handle vomit
   -parents can be so intimidating and hard to talk to
   -Being in a place of authority is frustrating and the art of persuasion has to be mastered in regards to co-workers
   -I knew nothing about being closely connected to an infant and caring so intently for them.

  They make me want a baby of mine own it breaks my heart. One of my babies is an incredible hugger. He just sits with his arms around you neck with the sweetest expression on his face, like, "I'm so happy to be here with you today, just hold me a minute before I go back to play." If I love these babies so much, how much more am I going to love my own!? I believe this is what the Bible tells us about God's love for his children. He gives the birds of the air all they need to survive and he clothes the lilies wit so much beauty How much more will he give to his children who love him!? Oh God is good.

Father's Day craft without the faces. They're lions
  This brings me to a conclusion, sort of. I am applying at a children's center, which does adoption and foster care, that a school parent of mine works at. I've applied for a few positions I am qualified for and hope to hear from the center in the next couple of weeks or days. I need a greater income and have hopes that the center can do that. I have no idea how this will work, nor do I know if God wants this, but I am pursuing it and will continue to pray. If God deems it unnecessary, then I will stop pursuit and stay where I am, because I adore it! I may start searching for a job with more pay more thoroughly in the next few months. I'll keep you posted.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Our garden is still growing despite this terrible dry season we've encountered, or rather has hovered over us relentlessly with it's humidity making it impossible to breathe at times and burning sunshine. Praise God for the cool springtime weather we had before this hovering drought. Yes, the garden is slowly growing. We've lost most of our peas, they couldn't handle the sun, and we have five (I think) zucchini plants flourishing. They are gigantic; I had no idea they'd get so big [that's what she said]. Sorry, had to digress.
Our garden we planted by the fence is doing well. As well as it can anyway. We have no strawberries, and no lettuce. We do have carrots, squash, green beans, and potatoes. Our lemon tree is looking pretty pitiful.
We water the vegetables three times a day because of the lack of rain. Before I have breakfast, when Ryan gets home from work, and when I get home from work (around 7:30). I think that's why they are still holding on. Poor little guys. My sunflowers are still very small stalks, the bellpepper plant is relatively the same size, and the cilantro gets sizzled and looks tired.
Look at those zucchini. They're along the shed on the left.
There's some strange plant growing on the right, he looks like bad news.
The cute little yellow blossoms
Grow garden grow.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Worst Commute

Legitimately, I have the worst commute in Houston.
     I heard on the radio (KSBJ) this morning that Apple introduced an app that discovered what the worst traffic commutes in the country were. The dj announced this morning that the worst commute in Houston, coming and going, is on 59 beside the George R. Brown Convention Center. I make this drive twice a day. Yay me...? So, when I say my commute sucks, it really does. Not only is this the worst commute in Houston, it's the third worst in the country! Wowza.
     But, I adore my job. That almost makes the drive worth it, almost.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nothing Interesting

I've got nothing interesting to post it seems. What a bummer. I am sick with strep throat and had to leave work after visiting the doctor today. It's okay. I have an antibiotic and I will be back to work tomorrow. I still feel very fatigued.  I will share what I'm totally digging right now:

These wonderful earrings I will get for my birthday from the sils not sure which pair yet:
this pair can be seen on Mila Kunis in Black Swan (obviously knockoffs)
and these very similarly designed earrings both great.
This owl necklace/locket
This sweet little dainty bird necklace I want for my birthday.
all found on Etsy.

A Pinterest find:
gorgeous pink pumps that I'm drooling over.

Oh, for the love of all things shiny.