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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Morning Jam

     So Ryan and I really enjoy Phil Wickham's music. He's got some amazing songs. One of my faves is called 'You're Beautiful'. I used to blast Neon Trees, Katy Perry, The Feeling, and yes Enrique on my hour drive to work in the mornings, but those songs made it hard to focus on God as I drove and all His people.
     I do this thing where as I'm driving if I see anyone on the street, sidewalk, or see there face in a car I say a prayer for them. My prayers are usually for safety as they run, ride their bike, walk, change a flat, or walk around aimlessly and that God would be big in their life that day. That He would be present and use them and use others to show His glory to them. I pretty much always have the radio on KSBJ because I hear some uplifting stuff. The songs are cheesy, but I like some of them. But the drive to work is killer when the music is not what you prefer.
     This weekend Ryan and I bought all of Phil Wickham's albums on Itunes (there were only three). I blast 'You're Beautiful' when I start driving and when traffic gets bad and go back and forth between KSBJ and Phil Wickham. That's this week anyway. Maybe next week my song choice will be a different Phil song, seriously plausible.

You're Beautiful...sorry there is no official music video

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