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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Look at those sprouts

I can't believe that they're already sprouting. Now the last post was from last Saturday when we planted the seeds and on Good Friday/Earth Day these were already sprouting!

They grew so fast that we had to transplant them into the clay in the backyard. We were going to make a garden, but thought we'd try the clay. They're doing quite well except for three pea plants that have broken stems, but the leaves are still growing and the plant keeps getting longer.

I know you can't even see the plants, sorry I didn't get a close up. I know it's ugly what can we do.
We've since gone to Lowe's for a cornucopia of vegetables and strawberry plants. We did some work so we could have a real garden to put our cornucopia.

We got cilantro, bell pepper plant, green beans, 
carrots, strawberries, lettuce, squash, and potatoes.
I helped I promise halfway there.
Pulling up a crazy big root.
All tilled up.
Filled with soil.
All finished.
And we got a lemon tree from a woman I work with. Her husband got it on discount for us. It already has a lot of baby lemons!
We put him in a big red pot. It's in the back corner in the above picture.

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