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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Job Updates

Here is some information I deem important enough to share about mine and Ryan's jobs.

I work at a Methodist Church in their pre-school department. It's part of the church's Day School. I am the infant teacher and I work with infants from 3 months. They're now 7-12 months. It's amazing. I love what I do, the parents are fantastic and the work environment is great. I can't stress enough how much I enjoy every moment of my job. Now in saying this I also have to share that I don't make very much money. It's basically not enough. If I were not married and lived by myself, I could not support myself. So trying to support two people on my salary simply does not work. Around Christmas time we were told we were getting small Christmas bonuses. Sweet! We received small checks and I was under the impression it was the bonus, but all of my other co-workers were saying it was the retroactive pay from the raises, which I was not eligible for because I'm a new teacher. Well, I asked my director and she said it was not the Christmas bonus, but a little something that I deserved and was not going to have to give the money back. I was just making sure it wasn't a mistake. Shortly after we got our small Christmas bonus. {Did I mention my director loves me?} :) On Thursday last week we had a short stand-up meeting. My director talked about accreditation stuff and she talked about the raises again, that everyone will finally get the official raise on the next pay period. Well, my previous paycheck had been $100 more than the usual check. Again, I ask my director what's up, and she told me I must have gotten the raise, because the money adds up. The next check it was official: I GOT THE RAISE! Even though I was technically not supposed to get one. Praise God! I love my job.

Ryan started working at Dishnetwork a few months after we got married. The hours were okay for training, which lasted forever, but the pay was weak and the hours after training turned out to be awful. And it was too far for him to keep driving. So, just before Christmas we decided it would be best if he left; he was going to have to work Christmas day. We didn't have anything lined up, but we had some contacts through my dad at Baker Hughes. He's been working at the plant in Pasadena since January. There are two jobs in the back of the warehouse that he works in that are open, so he's applied and his boss is doing the hiring. So we have that to pray about and Ryan had an interview with Hertz last week set up by a man in our church. We haven't heard anything from them either. All we can do is pray.

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