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Sunday, May 22, 2011


Ryan and I are going to house sit next week, for our pastor. They have a gorgeous house might I add. They will be gone for one week. We'll be staying at the house, taking car of the pooch and watering the yard. We've never house sat before, so we have some questions. We're a little unsure about housesitting etiquette.

-Do we wash the linens on the bed before they get home or do we put them in the laundry?
-Do we wash the towels or put them in the laundry?
-Do we eat the food?
-Do we use their Netflix?

Now they did say to live our day to day lives and that obviously means sleeping, bathing, and eating. What would you say?


Amanda said...

I would wash the sheets & towels. Often times the house owner buys food for the house sitters. They usually let you know. I think netflix comes with the house :) have fun.

Jessica Krzyz said...

I house sat for some friends this year, and I watch a friends dog on the regular. I'd def say netflix is fine, just don't add to their que. And its nice to wash the sheets and towels for sure. When I house sit they specifically say I can eat the food, if they didn't mention it I wouldn't. Who's watching coco or are you able to bring him?