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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Ryan

 Today was Ryan's 24th birthday and the first birthday celebration for one of us since we've been married. I think that's a sweet thing. We had a pretty low key day. I woke him up early to open his present. I bought him nice/casual brown Dockers shoes that he can wear with nice pants or jeans. He has some old brown ones similar, that needed to be replaced. Last Thursday I presented his Zune to him with a playlist titles 'Ryan's Birthday' that was the Neon Trees album Habits. I also made him a card with three categories of 24 things: 24 things I love about you, 24 things that make me think of you, and 24 things I want to tell you. I put a silhouette of a buffalo on the front, because it's his favorite animal (as well as Emily's). The sil's came over and we went to Spring Creek barbeque, because Ryan and his family love barbeque.
 We got back to the house and he opened gifts. He got everything on his birthday list, which I made him haha. His shoes, Tron on blu-ray, Mechanix working gloves, and Portal 2 for PS3 from my parents. I made chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches rolled in M&M's. I'm no Martha Stewart, they looked rough, but everyone enjoyed them.

Here's a few questions for the birthday boy:

1. What is your favorite birthday memory?
     When I was five I got a red bike. It had training wheels on it, I'm pretty sure, but they were taken off pretty soon. It was like an epic surprise, I thought I had opened all my presents. It was the first little bit of freedom.
2. What is the best birthday gift you've ever received?
     I got a replacement dirtbike after the first one was stolen. It wasn't technically on my birthday but it was close to my birthday. 
3. What is your ideal birthday destination/event?
     Racing cars on a test track. Three cars I would race are: Corvette, Camaro SS, Pontiac GTO.

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Emily P. said...

I, of course love the card! And those cookies look YUMMY!