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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Groupon Epic Fail

     Okay, so I'm not blaming Groupon, but the ding-dongs who posted good reviews about the place I got my haircut last weekend. Seriously. I checked the website and everyone said the place was great and they loved it. Yes, I know some people write reviews about themselves to make it look good, but I was giving them the benefit of the doubt. I tried them out because the Groupon was really great from my post here.
     So, I went last weekend and brought her these two pictures from pinterest:
wanted this cut             with these bangs

     Needless to say, I was very upset when my hair turned out nothing like this after TWO & A HALF HOURS of sitting in her stupid chair!!!! She literally used her razor scissors and razored layers into my hair all the way around my head. She would pull pieces up into a clip in no method or reason and just scrape away. We missed our Sunday School party because she took so long to gank (can I say this word and still sound educated?) up my mane. What a B.
-It looked kind of like Rachel Leigh Cook's hair in She's All That except shorter and with a huge chunk missing on the right which is way too nineties maybe if this were still middle school:

     Clearly not the pictures above.
     After almost a week of not being able to wear my hair down I couldn't stand it. I made an appointment to get a wash and cut in Crosby to fix it. I went today and felt like the girl knew what she was doing and she fixed it for me. I didn't get it styled, so once I style it this weekend I'll snap a pic and post it. 
What a sad epic fail. Not Groupon's fault admitted.


Brianna said...

This is a sad, sad story...
But I must say.
You are the best blogger ever.

Jessica Krzyz said...

where's the picture of you??

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