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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Friends and Babies

We know quite a few people having babies (Emily) and some other friends from high school that are in our Sunday school class. With the first couple we kind of started a tradition of buying a small gift for them. We bought Emily and J a Jimi Hendrix onesie for baby G. I don't remember if I made a card...
For our second set of friends we bought them the elephant onesie from Target, bought a balloon that said it's a girl, and made them a sweet little card.
And last, for now, our next set of friends Stephen and Ana Garret + almost two year old Evan are having a baby girl! We bought them a sweet onesie with hearts on it with some pink pants, and made them a card.
We'll attach an 'It's a Girl' balloon and set it on their porch on Saturday morning. It's a new tradition for our friends in celebration of what we don't have the pleasure of producing just yet. But can't wait!! So we're celebrating them instead. We'll do this for as many friends that have lovely little ones.

And I made an 'I miss you' card for Amanda and Kelly living in California right now as she goes to grad school
After I made it I realized it was their wedding colors. Hah, but still way cute.

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Emily P. said...

I cannot wait until she care wear that!