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Monday, May 16, 2011

Baylor Graduation Sic' em Bears

This past Saturday was Baylor's graduation fro the class of 2011. Two of my good friends from college Jessica and Amber graduated! I was so excited to see them. I hadn't been to Waco since I got married. Ryan and I drove up Saturday morning for the commencement. We watched them walk and then bolted. We weren't staying for the whole thing, afterall, we've already sat through one before. Mine, sic'em bears!! We killed time before heading over to their apartment. We went to the bookstore and I bought a new t-shirt, a yellow hoodie, and a Baylor alum sticker. It's actually two stickers. One says BU Baylor and the other says BU Alumni. I'll cut them and arrange them in a way that looks best. We had dinner at George's with Amber's family. There were a lot of people. It was some fun!
 Amber, Me, Jessica
Amber and Me
Me and Jessica
Amber, Me, and Ryan
Ryan, Me, and Jessica
The cute graduates
At George's

 I framed a quote for Amber as a gift. It's from the book of Esther when Mordecai tells Esther that if she does not use her position as queen to go before the King and plead for her people then God will choose someone else to do the job. Mordecai continues to tell Esther in 4:14 that she may have been chosen as queen "for such a time as this."I thought the scripture was fitting for a graduation especially in our economy and the job search upon graduating. I made the document and had it printed at Wal-Mart and bought the frame for like $6. Pretty sweet. I made it using Baylor colors. The words are much more yellow in person.

Me at my Baylor graduation exactly one year ago last Saturday! 

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Amanda said...

I sure like the wrapping. Glad you had fun. I wished so badly to go to RMWC graduation too see some friends. :( its was an odd class anyways. hehe maybe next year.