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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Groupon Epic Fail

     Okay, so I'm not blaming Groupon, but the ding-dongs who posted good reviews about the place I got my haircut last weekend. Seriously. I checked the website and everyone said the place was great and they loved it. Yes, I know some people write reviews about themselves to make it look good, but I was giving them the benefit of the doubt. I tried them out because the Groupon was really great from my post here.
     So, I went last weekend and brought her these two pictures from pinterest:
wanted this cut             with these bangs

     Needless to say, I was very upset when my hair turned out nothing like this after TWO & A HALF HOURS of sitting in her stupid chair!!!! She literally used her razor scissors and razored layers into my hair all the way around my head. She would pull pieces up into a clip in no method or reason and just scrape away. We missed our Sunday School party because she took so long to gank (can I say this word and still sound educated?) up my mane. What a B.
-It looked kind of like Rachel Leigh Cook's hair in She's All That except shorter and with a huge chunk missing on the right which is way too nineties maybe if this were still middle school:

     Clearly not the pictures above.
     After almost a week of not being able to wear my hair down I couldn't stand it. I made an appointment to get a wash and cut in Crosby to fix it. I went today and felt like the girl knew what she was doing and she fixed it for me. I didn't get it styled, so once I style it this weekend I'll snap a pic and post it. 
What a sad epic fail. Not Groupon's fault admitted.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Morning Jam

     So Ryan and I really enjoy Phil Wickham's music. He's got some amazing songs. One of my faves is called 'You're Beautiful'. I used to blast Neon Trees, Katy Perry, The Feeling, and yes Enrique on my hour drive to work in the mornings, but those songs made it hard to focus on God as I drove and all His people.
     I do this thing where as I'm driving if I see anyone on the street, sidewalk, or see there face in a car I say a prayer for them. My prayers are usually for safety as they run, ride their bike, walk, change a flat, or walk around aimlessly and that God would be big in their life that day. That He would be present and use them and use others to show His glory to them. I pretty much always have the radio on KSBJ because I hear some uplifting stuff. The songs are cheesy, but I like some of them. But the drive to work is killer when the music is not what you prefer.
     This weekend Ryan and I bought all of Phil Wickham's albums on Itunes (there were only three). I blast 'You're Beautiful' when I start driving and when traffic gets bad and go back and forth between KSBJ and Phil Wickham. That's this week anyway. Maybe next week my song choice will be a different Phil song, seriously plausible.

You're Beautiful...sorry there is no official music video

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Ryan and I are going to house sit next week, for our pastor. They have a gorgeous house might I add. They will be gone for one week. We'll be staying at the house, taking car of the pooch and watering the yard. We've never house sat before, so we have some questions. We're a little unsure about housesitting etiquette.

-Do we wash the linens on the bed before they get home or do we put them in the laundry?
-Do we wash the towels or put them in the laundry?
-Do we eat the food?
-Do we use their Netflix?

Now they did say to live our day to day lives and that obviously means sleeping, bathing, and eating. What would you say?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baby G

  Emily and Jonathan from Live A Charmed Life brought sweet Georgia Emiline into the world yesterday afternoon. She weighs 7lbs 6oz and is 19in long. She is a perfectly healthy baby girl and oh so precious to look at.
  I saw the family yesterday. I got off work early and raced to the hospital only 5 hours after she was born. She's been on my mind all day!! I want to see her and hold her again. I am so proud of Emily and Jonathan. What a beautiful couple they are and they're 'peach' is just as beautiful. I have been friends with the couple since high school and had to witness this miracle the day of! There was no way I was going to wait.
  Emily you are so strong and I pray for continued health and blessings over the three of you and your future little ones. I love you guys so much and thank you for your great friendship through the years. It's a blessing to know you and your little peach. I can't wait to watch her grow.

*holding the peach*

*her perfect newborn face*
I so love babies

Monday, May 16, 2011

Baylor Graduation Sic' em Bears

This past Saturday was Baylor's graduation fro the class of 2011. Two of my good friends from college Jessica and Amber graduated! I was so excited to see them. I hadn't been to Waco since I got married. Ryan and I drove up Saturday morning for the commencement. We watched them walk and then bolted. We weren't staying for the whole thing, afterall, we've already sat through one before. Mine, sic'em bears!! We killed time before heading over to their apartment. We went to the bookstore and I bought a new t-shirt, a yellow hoodie, and a Baylor alum sticker. It's actually two stickers. One says BU Baylor and the other says BU Alumni. I'll cut them and arrange them in a way that looks best. We had dinner at George's with Amber's family. There were a lot of people. It was some fun!
 Amber, Me, Jessica
Amber and Me
Me and Jessica
Amber, Me, and Ryan
Ryan, Me, and Jessica
The cute graduates
At George's

 I framed a quote for Amber as a gift. It's from the book of Esther when Mordecai tells Esther that if she does not use her position as queen to go before the King and plead for her people then God will choose someone else to do the job. Mordecai continues to tell Esther in 4:14 that she may have been chosen as queen "for such a time as this."I thought the scripture was fitting for a graduation especially in our economy and the job search upon graduating. I made the document and had it printed at Wal-Mart and bought the frame for like $6. Pretty sweet. I made it using Baylor colors. The words are much more yellow in person.

Me at my Baylor graduation exactly one year ago last Saturday! 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Ryan

 Today was Ryan's 24th birthday and the first birthday celebration for one of us since we've been married. I think that's a sweet thing. We had a pretty low key day. I woke him up early to open his present. I bought him nice/casual brown Dockers shoes that he can wear with nice pants or jeans. He has some old brown ones similar, that needed to be replaced. Last Thursday I presented his Zune to him with a playlist titles 'Ryan's Birthday' that was the Neon Trees album Habits. I also made him a card with three categories of 24 things: 24 things I love about you, 24 things that make me think of you, and 24 things I want to tell you. I put a silhouette of a buffalo on the front, because it's his favorite animal (as well as Emily's). The sil's came over and we went to Spring Creek barbeque, because Ryan and his family love barbeque.
 We got back to the house and he opened gifts. He got everything on his birthday list, which I made him haha. His shoes, Tron on blu-ray, Mechanix working gloves, and Portal 2 for PS3 from my parents. I made chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches rolled in M&M's. I'm no Martha Stewart, they looked rough, but everyone enjoyed them.

Here's a few questions for the birthday boy:

1. What is your favorite birthday memory?
     When I was five I got a red bike. It had training wheels on it, I'm pretty sure, but they were taken off pretty soon. It was like an epic surprise, I thought I had opened all my presents. It was the first little bit of freedom.
2. What is the best birthday gift you've ever received?
     I got a replacement dirtbike after the first one was stolen. It wasn't technically on my birthday but it was close to my birthday. 
3. What is your ideal birthday destination/event?
     Racing cars on a test track. Three cars I would race are: Corvette, Camaro SS, Pontiac GTO.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Friends and Babies

We know quite a few people having babies (Emily) and some other friends from high school that are in our Sunday school class. With the first couple we kind of started a tradition of buying a small gift for them. We bought Emily and J a Jimi Hendrix onesie for baby G. I don't remember if I made a card...
For our second set of friends we bought them the elephant onesie from Target, bought a balloon that said it's a girl, and made them a sweet little card.
And last, for now, our next set of friends Stephen and Ana Garret + almost two year old Evan are having a baby girl! We bought them a sweet onesie with hearts on it with some pink pants, and made them a card.
We'll attach an 'It's a Girl' balloon and set it on their porch on Saturday morning. It's a new tradition for our friends in celebration of what we don't have the pleasure of producing just yet. But can't wait!! So we're celebrating them instead. We'll do this for as many friends that have lovely little ones.

And I made an 'I miss you' card for Amanda and Kelly living in California right now as she goes to grad school
After I made it I realized it was their wedding colors. Hah, but still way cute.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We noticed our first sprouts on Saturday. We had one squash and by the end of the day there were three!
How cute!
By Sunday we had all of these (I think there are eleven sprouts):
Yesterday a carrot sprouted!
It looks like a little chia pet! I love it!!!

A green bean first sprouting. Beautiful.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

I made cards for my mom and Ryan's mom. Technically we celebrated mother's day combined with father's day with my parents, because their gift was a joint gift. I made them this card:

The front was split
The back was like a postcard.
We got them tickets to the Texas exhibit at the Museum. I got the tickets on Groupon, two tickets for $20! Score. We also cooked them dinner Sunday night. We cooked homemade Mexican rice, beef and cheese enchiladas, with homemade enchilada sauce. It was yummy.
This was Ryan's mom's card:
 Her gift was a new stainless steel colandar and a new tea pitcher. Wrapped it looked like a big cupcake.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Amazon strikes again

I haven't changed my maiden name yet, so the bank account still shows Williamson. Which means that my bank card won't work if I put the wrong billing/shipping address. We ordered our sewing machine on Amazon and put the right last name, but not the shipping address. So, the sewing machine went to my parents.
No fear, I'm picking it up in the morning from my mom's work. Amazon also did this with some dvds I ordered. Not a loss, just inconvenient.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Look at those sprouts

I can't believe that they're already sprouting. Now the last post was from last Saturday when we planted the seeds and on Good Friday/Earth Day these were already sprouting!

They grew so fast that we had to transplant them into the clay in the backyard. We were going to make a garden, but thought we'd try the clay. They're doing quite well except for three pea plants that have broken stems, but the leaves are still growing and the plant keeps getting longer.

I know you can't even see the plants, sorry I didn't get a close up. I know it's ugly what can we do.
We've since gone to Lowe's for a cornucopia of vegetables and strawberry plants. We did some work so we could have a real garden to put our cornucopia.

We got cilantro, bell pepper plant, green beans, 
carrots, strawberries, lettuce, squash, and potatoes.
I helped I promise halfway there.
Pulling up a crazy big root.
All tilled up.
Filled with soil.
All finished.
And we got a lemon tree from a woman I work with. Her husband got it on discount for us. It already has a lot of baby lemons!
We put him in a big red pot. It's in the back corner in the above picture.


This is very late, but I thought I'd share a piece of Easter. Ryan and I did not make any Easter tradition plans, maybe next year. We did dye eggs with his sisters though.

Notice the missing egg in the middle...
He ate it. (Ryan's dad)

Monday, May 2, 2011

The weekend

Ryan and I went to Baytown on Friday night to get Kelli Philpot a baby shower gift and we went to Freebirds to celebrate my raise!
  • Hybird
  •  Went to the baby shower
I got her the boppy she wanted. Super cute with owls on it. 
And 2 cute outfits. I made her the pink card with the little feet on it 
and attached it to the outfits I wrapped in tissue paper.
  • Attempted to sew some pants. They're too short and they're boot cute, so I wanted to make them into cigarette pants.
Epic fail. This is what I was left with.

Apparently the machine has never worked properly, so we decided we'd buy our own and call it my birthday present.
  • Planted our garden
  • Did all of our laundry
Preparing for tomorrow.