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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Padre bound

Ryan and I don't have a ton of money to spend on vacation, but that's not stopping us from removing ourselves seven hours away from responsibility and the in-laws. We'll leave Friday and come back Monday the day after our one year wedding anniversary! We're going to South Padre Island.

Neither of us have ever been and we think it will be fun. It will be better than Galveston which we see maybe a million times a year, exaggeration. We're expecting the beaches and water to be prettier and the rental we're staying in is really nice.
We're also going to do everything tourist.
The plan:
-bay fishing (which will hopefully be our anniversary meal)
-aqua dog tour
-dolphin watch (we get a coupon for $5 a person)
-hang out on the beach


Amanda said...

Tell me how wonderful it is so i can be jealous! it is much prettier. Galveston sucks because of all the crap coming down the mississippi river. its spread out and not so gross when it gets over there i hear. what is an aqua dog tour? are y'all driving? dolphin watching for $5 bucks rocks! LOVES. excited for y'all

Emily P. said...

YAY! Have fun...I don't think we'll be taking an anniversary trip this year :(