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Friday, April 8, 2011

Follow up...

Okay, read the comments and thought to myself, wise women indeed. However, there is another dilemma that would be a bigger reason for stepping down. I am a new teacher at my school and I don't have any sick time left after vacation in July, more about that later. I technically don't even have days for that, but I'm getting out of town anyway.

The dilemma:
I'm out of days and I would have to take a Friday off to go to the rehearsal dinner. In order to take that day off I would miss out on a full day's pay. Not exactly prudent.

Now I know you're thinking to yourself, well you knew about the wedding and the days you would need to take off so you shouldn't have taken so many days. In my defense, I thought I had more than six days and I was puking for two of those days, in bed with allergies one of those days, and went home sick two days. So that's four days out of six. Somewhere along the way I'm missing another half day, so I have one and 1/2 days for vacation and no days for wedding stuff. Ooops.

Now what am I supposed to do? Setting aside all negative feelings, I'm over it now, but I just don't have the days for the rehearsal dinner like I thought I would.

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Jessica Krzyz said...

Well, it's one day. I know it can be hard to miss a day of pay, but you agreed to be in the wedding so if it's not because of how she treated you I def. say you should take the day off for her.