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Monday, April 11, 2011


     So, I've been fighting a losing battle with allergies for my first time ever. I typically get sinus infections, but I've never been this uncomfortable for this length of time ever! My whole head hurts, my ears hurt, my eyes are itchy and tired, my nose is swollen in the morning and it hurts on the inside. I keep coughing up mucous, and I blow my nose a lot. I believe in allergies; they suck. :(
     After not being able to sleep at all last night Ryan took me to the store and I got nasal spray. I've been taking a generic Sudafed decongestant and pain reliever, but I needed something else. I got some, yet again, generic Afrin nasal spray that is supposed to be a decongestant and it "reduces swelling in the nasal passages to breathe more freely". I took some as soon as we got in the car and it worked really well, but you're not supposed to use it again for ten more hours, which will be at 2 a.m. I might get up to take more, because I feel so bad. We also got some Breathe Right Menthol nasal strips.
     I'll let you know how those work in the morning. I can't wait to use it! I'll also be taking a Zyrtec before bed in hopes of better sleep. And the fight continues...

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