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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Padre bound

Ryan and I don't have a ton of money to spend on vacation, but that's not stopping us from removing ourselves seven hours away from responsibility and the in-laws. We'll leave Friday and come back Monday the day after our one year wedding anniversary! We're going to South Padre Island.

Neither of us have ever been and we think it will be fun. It will be better than Galveston which we see maybe a million times a year, exaggeration. We're expecting the beaches and water to be prettier and the rental we're staying in is really nice.
We're also going to do everything tourist.
The plan:
-bay fishing (which will hopefully be our anniversary meal)
-aqua dog tour
-dolphin watch (we get a coupon for $5 a person)
-hang out on the beach

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I put a spell on you...

the final song that Casey Abrams sang on American Idol.

Ryan and I have officially stopped watching the show. America voted off our favorite person. He had the most talent and he was pitch-perfect crazy good. Youtube him, you'll see (hear rather) just how great his ability is. What a serious bummer. We're totally buying his album!! Our Wednesdays look a little more flexible.

                       (images via google)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Craigslisting It

Ryan and I cleaned out the shed with all of our crap that we can't use right now stuffed inside of it and decided on some things we were going to part with. Ryan has a ton of paintball guns, airsoft guns, nerf guns, electronics, and some old computers. We put it all on Craigslist last Saturday and that night we had over 29 emails on different items. Namely all the guns, including the silly nerf guns. Friday, Good Friday, we sold the paintball guns and the surround sound making $175! What. Saturday we sold the airsoft guns. So all in all we made $220! All going towards our anniversary vacation in July!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Growing Garden

Okay so, it's not technically a garden, but a few containers.

It takes 7-10 days to germinate and 63 days to harvest

It takes 8-12 days to germinate and 58 days to harvest

It takes 14-21 days to germinate and 75-90 to bloom

I guess we'll check back in a couple of weeks and note any changes.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I'm all about saving money since we don't really have any. Ryan and I are pretty much being irresponsible with the money we don't use for our crazy bills right now. We pay bills first and never spend what we don't have. We plan on devising a system to save more and move when Ryan has a better job. Ha. It sounds crazy and it very well may be, but to be 100% honest, we don't have enough money to move out even if we use our money strictly for bills. There's just not enough to go around. So, we don't see the point in using our money to buy random thrills; Schlitterbahn, clothes, bikes, etc if we always have enough for the big bills, building our credit, a little in savings, and of course tithing and gifting. However, there are several unknowns right now for the very near future that may enable us to use our system, more on these things to come. Anyway....

I want to get a haircut and I don't want to spend a lot of money. There is a place here in Crosby I don't mind going to and I can get a cut for $20 with no style. I just want to even it our and maybe add some edgy layers. So, in my email I had a Groupon coupon for this place in Humble. The coupon is a wash, deep condition, cut and style for $32 a $75 value. Hello, bought it! I'll be updating with new hair pictures soon!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Break

This past week was my spring break! Ahh. It sure felt good to leave work worries behind to relax clean, and be sick. It has been nice not having to get up early and fight traffic to and from work, but I do love my job and miss my babies dearly! I can't wait to get back to see them. I thought I'd mention that my spring break falls the week before Easter week, which means, I have one whole week off, a four day work week, a four day Easter weekend, and finally followed by another four day work week. Planned that perfectly if I do say so myself. :)

And now for my Spring Break recap:
Saturday: I went to a conference at work at 8:30 in the morning, interesting, but too early. This is when I started to really feel sick.
Johnathon's birthday dinner at Texas Land & Cattle. The best steak I've ever had btw.
Sunday: Mom's birthday
Pictures posted here.
Monday: I scrubbed the bathroom and reorganized the bathroom closet.
I also cleaned up the bedroom and Ryan and I rearranged the furniture. There's a much better flow and use of space in the tiny bedroom.
Tuesday: Ryan got home from work early, so we cleaned out the shed and took pictures of things to put on Craigslist. We'll give it a week and if it doesn't sell we'll donate it and recycle the electronics.
Wednesday: I went to the Sil's. Vena and I hung out and played LBP2 on the PS3. We had frozen yogurt at Mango Tango, a little place close to their house. It was good, but they didn't have my favorite flavors: Blueberry and pomegranate. Then we hit up a small asian food place that the Sils like called Cafe Asian. It was a good time.
I also had to go to a seminar at work on Wednesday night that our music teacher Ms. Winkie was hosting. It was about teaching music to children. Loads of fun. I love Ms. Winkie.
Thursday: I had lunch with my mom bought more allergy medicine in hopes that it makes me feel better. 
Went to the Astros game against the Padres. Go 'Stros! We won, with one point. Ha

Friday: I finally decided to go to the doctor. After arriving at the wrong location and rescheduling for an hour later the doctor told me I have a sinus infection that is probably allergy mediated given the duration of the illness. He prescribed me a steroid to help with the swelling, a nasal spray Flonase to also help with swelling, and finally an antibiotic. yay. I can breathe better now. I'm so glad I decided to go see the doctor. I also shopped around for some things I have my eye on, but to no avail I found nothing.

Saturday: Ryan's parents left for their anniversary! Yay. House to ourselves for a few days. We tackled the yard and did things I've never done. Posted previously.

Sunday: We went to church and Ryan's sisters came over for lunch and we went to Hector's. Yum. Then we watched the worst movie ever, Kick-A**. Sucko! Then we finished the rest of the yard work.
I am exhausted and kind of forgot my morning routine before work. I need to go get ready for a four day work week!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sunshine Time

Ryan and I did some hardcore yard work today.
  • we cleaned gutters
  • washed cars (I know not technically yard, but outside)
  • mowed the front and back (I did!)
  • used the weed eater in front and back (I did it for the first time)
  • weeded the front flower beds; which was hard because they hadn't been done in years!
  • dug out the hibiscus stumps that weren't going to grow back
  • replanted them in a huge pot in the back yard
Because we replanted the hibiscus plants we had to go to Lowe's for potting soil. It was $1.19 a bag, sweet. So we got enough for me to plant some zucchini, peas, and pretty sunflowers.

Tomorrow we have to lay down these things Ryan got for the flower beds. They're landscaping fabric rolls that supposedly stop weeds from growing. I anticipate some struggle, but hopefully it won't be too bad.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Eager Beavers

So, I received a statement in the mail from one of my student loan companies. There's nothing unusual about it except that they sent me two statements in one. A statement for April and the statement for May; that was unusual. Then, I look through the rest of the envelope and they sent me six, count em, six window envelopes! I find that strange.
They're itching for my money! It is kind of convenient, but if they send me six more next month I might get frustrated, that's just wasteful.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Birthday Weekend

My mom, brother, and friend Johnathon Lee all have birthdays within days of each other. I am making cupcakes for my mom along with a card I'm making and a book of wedding pictures I had printed from Walgreens, Emily speaks highly of their picture books.
I forgot to take a picture of Johnathon's card, but they're are pictures on Facebook of his birthday dinner at Texas Land & Cattle in Dickenson. It was delicious and fun.

My mom insisted on going to Schlitterbahn in Galveston yesterday. They were still featuring they're indoor winter park. Which consisted of four slides, a hot tub, and the torrent river. All of the water was heated, so we weren't that cold.

I made her white cake cupcakes with coconut cream filling and white icing topped with sprinkles and coconut.

In the "Family Dryer" at Schlitterbahn. So funny we had to try it. I was a little freaked out when it came on, hence my face.

Overall it was a fun, long day, and a happy birthday for my mom.

Monday, April 11, 2011


     So, I've been fighting a losing battle with allergies for my first time ever. I typically get sinus infections, but I've never been this uncomfortable for this length of time ever! My whole head hurts, my ears hurt, my eyes are itchy and tired, my nose is swollen in the morning and it hurts on the inside. I keep coughing up mucous, and I blow my nose a lot. I believe in allergies; they suck. :(
     After not being able to sleep at all last night Ryan took me to the store and I got nasal spray. I've been taking a generic Sudafed decongestant and pain reliever, but I needed something else. I got some, yet again, generic Afrin nasal spray that is supposed to be a decongestant and it "reduces swelling in the nasal passages to breathe more freely". I took some as soon as we got in the car and it worked really well, but you're not supposed to use it again for ten more hours, which will be at 2 a.m. I might get up to take more, because I feel so bad. We also got some Breathe Right Menthol nasal strips.
     I'll let you know how those work in the morning. I can't wait to use it! I'll also be taking a Zyrtec before bed in hopes of better sleep. And the fight continues...

Le probleme sur la table...

How do you say "oops" in French. Maybe it's something like, "I ruined the in laws cherry finished coffee table" (rough translation). That's right you read it correctly, big fat oops on my part.

The story:
     I was taking the fingernail polish off of my toes and re-painting, nothing out of the ordinary. It was a Wednesday night and Ryan and I were watching American Idol. I had multiple q-tips for touch ups, cotton balls, and I laid it all on a paper towel folded in quarters, so four layers of paper towel. When the show ended Ryan and I went to Kroger for some cookies and other stuff. We get back, make a lunch and get ready for bed. Ryan hops in the shower and I'm downstairs picking up our nighttime mess: drinking glasses, shoes, etc. Well this nighttime mess included my fingernail polish remover items that I left on the coffee table. I've done this many a time and have yet to have an experience like I did this night. I pick up the q-tips and attempt to remove the paper towel from the table and as I pick it up I feel resistance. Hmm. I pull harder and most of the paper towel came off the table, but I was left staring at this...

This is where I start to panic. You see how the indention of the paper towel was left on the table as well as the white from the paper towel. Yea big time suck. I try to scrub it off but it gets worse. I was running out of time, so I put a coaster over the spot and turned the table to face the other way. All night I was thinking that the table was ruined and I was screwed, but I told a co-worker the next morning and she told me about "Old English", it's a stain/polish/scratch remover. That day after work I run to Lowe's, but I don't find it. I'm thinking as I look at all of the wood touch up products that wood putty would fill in the holes, but I'd have to sand it and re-finish the spot and I don't know what kind of finish is on the table, so I leave frustrated. The next day at lunch I go to Kroger by my school and what do you know! They have the product. I buy the dark wood finish bottle, it was only like $5.
Something like three days goes by before I use the stuff on the table. Sunday, while Ryan was in the shower, I followed the directions and tried to fix the spot.
I rub some on the spot and this is the result! It looks good right? You'd never be able to tell it was so screwed up. Wrong...
Do you see that dull spot I circled? Well I thought that was terrible, so I kept at it. There were still indentions from the paper towel, so I lightly sanded them down and tried more of the Old English. It wasn't working like I'd wanted, so I also bought a touch up marker, which have more saturated color. I touched up the visibly lighter spot and rubbed away with the polish. The combination made for a better result, but if you sit at the right angle, only I know about, you can still see some dullness. However, this is what the spot looks like to the untrained, unscrewed eye.
The spot is slightly noticeable, but not as much in person even in the daylight. If anyone has a more permanent fix that doesn't involve re-staining, I'd love to know!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Follow up...

Okay, read the comments and thought to myself, wise women indeed. However, there is another dilemma that would be a bigger reason for stepping down. I am a new teacher at my school and I don't have any sick time left after vacation in July, more about that later. I technically don't even have days for that, but I'm getting out of town anyway.

The dilemma:
I'm out of days and I would have to take a Friday off to go to the rehearsal dinner. In order to take that day off I would miss out on a full day's pay. Not exactly prudent.

Now I know you're thinking to yourself, well you knew about the wedding and the days you would need to take off so you shouldn't have taken so many days. In my defense, I thought I had more than six days and I was puking for two of those days, in bed with allergies one of those days, and went home sick two days. So that's four days out of six. Somewhere along the way I'm missing another half day, so I have one and 1/2 days for vacation and no days for wedding stuff. Ooops.

Now what am I supposed to do? Setting aside all negative feelings, I'm over it now, but I just don't have the days for the rehearsal dinner like I thought I would.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Coco on a bike ride

We thought it would be fun to take Coco on a bike ride last weekend, but he's tiny and we know he's afraid of everything, so we decided to just stroll down the cul-de-sac and see how he'd do. He was afraid of the bike sounds and didn't understand the walking beside my bike as opposed to in front of it. He's really not good at walking on a leash, he's a little bit crazy. It was still pretty cute.
He was running fast here

We went on a real bike ride after this without the dog and I was sore for two days. I learned how to hop a curb. It's quite difficult for someone small like me.

BTW: I deleted my header from photobucket.com; I'll fix it soon.