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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Venting, bear with me...

I'm in a wedding on December, August 6 July 16 and the bride wanted me to plan her bachelorette, lingerie, and bridal shower. Fun! I had some really great ideas, fun themes, really great ideas for decorations and invitations. One of her other bridesmaids is getting married in June. Typical Baylor girl might I add. I love Baylor, my Alma Mater, but some of the girls I could have done without. Her wedding will probably cost over $100,000, easily.

So, this girl emails me with her summer schedule with her wedding events and all the other weddings her and her fiance are a part of. Good, I'm thinking I'll be able to set dates for parties. Well, she had pretty well every weekend booked until the weekend before Courtney's (the girl I'm planning parties for) wedding. I call Courtney and tell her the dilemma and she tells me to tell this girl that a certain weekend will work and she can choose to be there or not. So, I email the girl back and let her know some new details etc. I don't hear back from either of them for about three days. And to my surprise I get a Facebook message from Courtney to all the bridesmaids that talks about dress details, shoes, and then she proceeds to say that her sister is going to plan all of the parties; themes, invitations, and dates, everything. Urk...Wha?
Is she for real? I'm beyond pissed at this point I had to stop reading the message. She didn't have the decency to email or call me and let me know the new plan, but had to let everyone know at the same time so I look like a fool. Awesome. If I used expletives I would insert them here. Then the next day I get an email from the Baylor girl and she says: well it looks like Courtney has decided to let her sister plan the showers so she says she'll see me at the shower.

This will be the third wedding that has come between me and friends including my own. I'm starting to hate weddings I have to be a part of. What should I do? I don't want to be obligated to be in the wedding. I need some help.


Megan said...

WOW! That is not cool at all. I understand, I could've done without some of the Baylor girls too but I would just barrel through it with your head held high but don't go out of your way. She needs to know that you value your friendship but she is not going to be able to run all over you again. I would say something to her if I were you, not in a rude way but just let her know your feelings are hurt. Or at least they will be once the anger cools down. I am sorry girl, hope it gets better.

Emily P. said...

I'm with Meg. Email her to let her know you were hurt and upset but I would still be in the wedding.

Jessica Krzyz said...

yup, I would just let her know why and how she pissed you off and try to move on from there. lovelove.