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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tough Weeks

The last two and a half weeks have been incredibly long! My co-teacher was on vacation two weeks ago visiting family (it's always a challenge without her), last week was long because I was sick-ish, and this week has just been exhausting. The babies are crawling all over the place, falling and bumping noggins, and pulling up. They are tiring. I've been coming home, relaxing on the couch with the hubs watching "Dexter" (it's our new series on DVD, thanks to Cameron) and eating Oreos and milk.
BUT...our bikes came on Saturday! Whoo.
Yes, those walls are painted pink

I chose the blue bike and after Saturday wished I had chosen the pink one. We started to put the bikes together around four p.m. and didn't finish until it was well into darkness and my husband is quite handy. We put my bike together first. Here she is in all her glory brokenness.
First: We had trouble getting the brakes to work properly. The cable seemed to be too long. After about an hour Ryan worked out the kinks and got the front brakes where they were supposed to be. Along with the brakes we thought we were missing a bolt to hold the cable in place and after I climbed inside both bike boxes to search for a small bolt that did not exist. Ryan figured out the right placement of the cable. So, there is no bolt, but there is a strange hole on the front of the bike.
Second: We filled up the tires and low an behold, the back tire is flat! UGH.
Okay okay, I know a flat tire is not so major, but it's a brand spanking new bike! I expect all pieces to be present and functional. We had a spare bike tube sitting on a shelf in the garage, so we took the tire off the bike to get the old tube out and put the new one in. Then we filled up the tire before putting it back on the bike just in case. It was also flat. What?! I'm sighing and groaning at this point. Ryan looks at the tube and decides that the thing on the tube where you put air in (I forgot the technical term and Ryan is not beside me) was broken, so we used this little tool and took one from the old tube, but of course it did not work. We dug the tube that came with the bike out of the garbage can and tried it again with a new thing you put air in, but alas still broken. So, we made our way to good ol' Wal-Mart for a newer new tube. One that worked.
While we were in the bike section we bought a new seat for my bike, because mine s-u-c-k-s. The new one's much more comfy. Finally in the darkness my bike is ready to roll. Ryan's did not take nearly as long and his worked.
We take our bikes for their first spin in total darkness and...
Third: My stupid gears won't change. There are two gears, the front and the back. Neither of the blasted things would change. So, we took our trash expensive bikes home and watched some "Dexter".
Ryan has since fixed my brakes, but we haven't taken the bikes out being that the weeks have exhausted me.
And I have some annoying girl drama to post about mainly to vent. Later.

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Jessica Krzyz said...

HAHAH. that sucks! let me know when you get to enjoy them!
oh, and i LOVELOVE dexter. on season 5 now.