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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Square Jug Fishing

I'll be honest, it sounds incredibly country. However, it's a ton of fun. My parents, little brother and Ryan and I went fishing with the parents last weekend. Every time we see my parents they cook us fish, LOVE. They make the best seafood. My dad got this new depth finder for his boat to find the fish, because last time we went jug fishing we caught zippo, no fish at all. Jug fishing is a backwoods way of fishing, there are also trot lines tied to trees and things on the bank that serve the same purpose. You're supposed to tie a string onto an old jug; water, milk, or any container that is emptied and will float.

How we jug fish:
  • my dad made these styrofoam square jugs with string tied on wooden dowels through a whole with a hook on the end.
  • we use chicken liver (for the catfish) and frozen whole shrimp
  • we go into the bayou
  • drop the squares into the water and drive downstream
  • we wait for a hit and gather the treasure!
  • if we get no hits we gather the squares and try again
we were not quite as successful as they were last time they went out, but I did catch one huge catfish!
I made Ryan hold it because I had already washed my hands.
Then we pulled up another small catfish and I thought it was too small, but dad said it was a keeper! Whoo hoo two catfish.
 The little fish is trying to jump off the table. You can't even see his head.
We're eating the fish tonight! Yum.
Also, we bought our bikes online today after a several store search we came home empty handed and bought them through CSNstores.com. We got free shipping and saved over $100 dollars, rather we didn't have to spend $100 after not finding anything int he stores.

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Jessica Krzyz said...

ryan does not look happy.

looks fun, though!