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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our First Official DIY

Our first DIY (unless  you count my New Year self hair dye project) is not house related, because we have no place yet. Our DIY is car related. About a year and a half ago my front left speaker went out. I couldn't hear my blinker or any other alert sound; low fuel, seatbelt, door etc. So for Christmas that year Ryan bought me new speaker. Whoo hoo. Since we haven't lived in the same town for years we never had enough time to install them. Well last weekend we were able to spend time putting the speakers in. Ryan checked my car model and was told the speaker were 6 inches, so that's what he bought. When he went to put them in the car he discovered they were 6 1/2 inches! Bummer, we had to buy new speakers. And the first speakers were on super sale. We did some research online and found that the stores were carrying speakers for about the same prices. We settled on some Sony XPlod speakers from Wal-Mart, cheap and reliable. 
Here are the covers. I got this notion to paint them turquoise. I'm really loving that color right now. If we had our own place the whole thing would probably be shades of blue! Hah. So Ryan said sure paint them turquoise. We couldn't find spray paint in the right color so we bought some acrylic paint and mixed the colors. 
I grabbed this paint swatch off the shelf by the spray paint, of course "peacock blue". We bought these three colors and mixed them together. It was so perfect. This is how they turned out:
Not bad eh? The next step was for Ryan to get to work. It was going to be a much more difficult task than he'd expected. The door panels were one mold and his research told him the the speaker covers that came with the car were supposed to screw in/out. Dang. So he had to use a Dremmel tool to cut the old speaker covers off. 
Here he is working with his Dremmel. Not a perfect cut, but they look great in the end. There was so much involved with installing these speakers I have no clue the details of what it is he did exactly something about foam tape and self drilling screws. 
After this part, he put in the new speakers, soldered them together and we had sound! But no covers yet. They were drying. The new Sony speakers are blue on the inside just on the inner circle and I was nervous that the turquoise would look weird, but I did it anyway. 
See, great fit. You can't even tell the hole wasn't perfectly round. I can imagine cutting it out was difficult with a guide, so props to the husband. And now for the fun covers!!
I know my car is red and the blue speakers scream "fourth of July" which happens to be my least favorite color scheme next to Halloween colors, but I love them. Every time I get in the car I smile. Not only are they super cute, but I can hear music in my left ear! 
This is a shot in the sunlight. 
Now all Cinnamon (the car's name) needs is a good wash, an oil change, and a detail courtesy of our wedding gift Shop-Vac. Check back, I'll be dying my hair again this week hopefully, I had a coupon.