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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Coffee Fix

A few weeks ago I stopped by Starbucks on my way to Ryan's sisters when we headed up to Waco for a short visit. The barista convinced me to buy some yummy beans. Well at the time I was not aware that they were not ground, hah. She asked me, inaudibly, if I would like them ground and I told her no. As I got into the car in a hurry I realized what she'd asked me and was bummed. I don't own a grinder. Hah again. So, I put it on my Christmas/Birthday list, but the beans will not be good forever. What to do. I asked a friend if she had a grinder and duh she did. But before I actually made it to her house, a week after I asked her, Ryan and I headed to the Humble area for some needed items. We wanted a collapsible clothes hamper, because of our small space and lack of storage space. While we were at Bed Bath & Beyond I stopped by the coffee nook to price grinders and presses, that was also on my wish list because I'm the only one who drinks coffee we don't need a whole coffee maker just something small for me. We found a reasonably priced press and we had $12 on a gift card from the wedding and decided it would be a good buy. So we technically only paid for the hamper.
Now for my beans. We had to go to target for other things and Ryan wanted to check out the grinders there. We found a coffee grinder on sale for $20 and we bought it! Yay. Problem solved.
I've had really good coffee this week and it is so needed. My co-teacher is on vacation this week and help is hard to come by. Thank you delicious caffeine loaded coffee.

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