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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bike Dreams

Today Ryan and I decided to ride bikes. Neither one of us have our own bike though. I rode an old bike of Ryan's that totally sucks btw!
The gears were twitchy and the seat hurt my bum. And it's a boy bike. Ryan was riding a purple and silver bike that was his sister's.  A nice bike, but it's purple.

So, this trip inspired us to look at nice bikes. A really great bike like Specialized can be in the thousands, unreasonable for our non-existent bike budget. Ryan tells me Mongoose has nice reasonably priced bikes, but the website only displays their super swanky bikes. So we checked out Wal-Mart and Sears for some and found a few. I really love the color pink:
This is a Wal-Mart option which will ship to store for free. Score. But I also like the blue:
I like the details and it's kind of a better design. 

Ryan pretty much searched this bike by name:
XR-250. He likes the design and it is a decent price for his high end bike needs. Who knew? haha.

Yes we will both be riding Mongoose bikes, so what, we both drive Cobalts as well. We think a lot a like, it works. We haven't bought them, but we may tomorrow.

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Megan said...

Paul and I want to get bikes too! I think it would be great exercise