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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Venting, bear with me...

I'm in a wedding on December, August 6 July 16 and the bride wanted me to plan her bachelorette, lingerie, and bridal shower. Fun! I had some really great ideas, fun themes, really great ideas for decorations and invitations. One of her other bridesmaids is getting married in June. Typical Baylor girl might I add. I love Baylor, my Alma Mater, but some of the girls I could have done without. Her wedding will probably cost over $100,000, easily.

So, this girl emails me with her summer schedule with her wedding events and all the other weddings her and her fiance are a part of. Good, I'm thinking I'll be able to set dates for parties. Well, she had pretty well every weekend booked until the weekend before Courtney's (the girl I'm planning parties for) wedding. I call Courtney and tell her the dilemma and she tells me to tell this girl that a certain weekend will work and she can choose to be there or not. So, I email the girl back and let her know some new details etc. I don't hear back from either of them for about three days. And to my surprise I get a Facebook message from Courtney to all the bridesmaids that talks about dress details, shoes, and then she proceeds to say that her sister is going to plan all of the parties; themes, invitations, and dates, everything. Urk...Wha?
Is she for real? I'm beyond pissed at this point I had to stop reading the message. She didn't have the decency to email or call me and let me know the new plan, but had to let everyone know at the same time so I look like a fool. Awesome. If I used expletives I would insert them here. Then the next day I get an email from the Baylor girl and she says: well it looks like Courtney has decided to let her sister plan the showers so she says she'll see me at the shower.

This will be the third wedding that has come between me and friends including my own. I'm starting to hate weddings I have to be a part of. What should I do? I don't want to be obligated to be in the wedding. I need some help.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tough Weeks

The last two and a half weeks have been incredibly long! My co-teacher was on vacation two weeks ago visiting family (it's always a challenge without her), last week was long because I was sick-ish, and this week has just been exhausting. The babies are crawling all over the place, falling and bumping noggins, and pulling up. They are tiring. I've been coming home, relaxing on the couch with the hubs watching "Dexter" (it's our new series on DVD, thanks to Cameron) and eating Oreos and milk.
BUT...our bikes came on Saturday! Whoo.
Yes, those walls are painted pink

I chose the blue bike and after Saturday wished I had chosen the pink one. We started to put the bikes together around four p.m. and didn't finish until it was well into darkness and my husband is quite handy. We put my bike together first. Here she is in all her glory brokenness.
First: We had trouble getting the brakes to work properly. The cable seemed to be too long. After about an hour Ryan worked out the kinks and got the front brakes where they were supposed to be. Along with the brakes we thought we were missing a bolt to hold the cable in place and after I climbed inside both bike boxes to search for a small bolt that did not exist. Ryan figured out the right placement of the cable. So, there is no bolt, but there is a strange hole on the front of the bike.
Second: We filled up the tires and low an behold, the back tire is flat! UGH.
Okay okay, I know a flat tire is not so major, but it's a brand spanking new bike! I expect all pieces to be present and functional. We had a spare bike tube sitting on a shelf in the garage, so we took the tire off the bike to get the old tube out and put the new one in. Then we filled up the tire before putting it back on the bike just in case. It was also flat. What?! I'm sighing and groaning at this point. Ryan looks at the tube and decides that the thing on the tube where you put air in (I forgot the technical term and Ryan is not beside me) was broken, so we used this little tool and took one from the old tube, but of course it did not work. We dug the tube that came with the bike out of the garbage can and tried it again with a new thing you put air in, but alas still broken. So, we made our way to good ol' Wal-Mart for a newer new tube. One that worked.
While we were in the bike section we bought a new seat for my bike, because mine s-u-c-k-s. The new one's much more comfy. Finally in the darkness my bike is ready to roll. Ryan's did not take nearly as long and his worked.
We take our bikes for their first spin in total darkness and...
Third: My stupid gears won't change. There are two gears, the front and the back. Neither of the blasted things would change. So, we took our trash expensive bikes home and watched some "Dexter".
Ryan has since fixed my brakes, but we haven't taken the bikes out being that the weeks have exhausted me.
And I have some annoying girl drama to post about mainly to vent. Later.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Square Jug Fishing

I'll be honest, it sounds incredibly country. However, it's a ton of fun. My parents, little brother and Ryan and I went fishing with the parents last weekend. Every time we see my parents they cook us fish, LOVE. They make the best seafood. My dad got this new depth finder for his boat to find the fish, because last time we went jug fishing we caught zippo, no fish at all. Jug fishing is a backwoods way of fishing, there are also trot lines tied to trees and things on the bank that serve the same purpose. You're supposed to tie a string onto an old jug; water, milk, or any container that is emptied and will float.

How we jug fish:
  • my dad made these styrofoam square jugs with string tied on wooden dowels through a whole with a hook on the end.
  • we use chicken liver (for the catfish) and frozen whole shrimp
  • we go into the bayou
  • drop the squares into the water and drive downstream
  • we wait for a hit and gather the treasure!
  • if we get no hits we gather the squares and try again
we were not quite as successful as they were last time they went out, but I did catch one huge catfish!
I made Ryan hold it because I had already washed my hands.
Then we pulled up another small catfish and I thought it was too small, but dad said it was a keeper! Whoo hoo two catfish.
 The little fish is trying to jump off the table. You can't even see his head.
We're eating the fish tonight! Yum.
Also, we bought our bikes online today after a several store search we came home empty handed and bought them through CSNstores.com. We got free shipping and saved over $100 dollars, rather we didn't have to spend $100 after not finding anything int he stores.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bike Dreams

Today Ryan and I decided to ride bikes. Neither one of us have our own bike though. I rode an old bike of Ryan's that totally sucks btw!
The gears were twitchy and the seat hurt my bum. And it's a boy bike. Ryan was riding a purple and silver bike that was his sister's.  A nice bike, but it's purple.

So, this trip inspired us to look at nice bikes. A really great bike like Specialized can be in the thousands, unreasonable for our non-existent bike budget. Ryan tells me Mongoose has nice reasonably priced bikes, but the website only displays their super swanky bikes. So we checked out Wal-Mart and Sears for some and found a few. I really love the color pink:
This is a Wal-Mart option which will ship to store for free. Score. But I also like the blue:
I like the details and it's kind of a better design. 

Ryan pretty much searched this bike by name:
XR-250. He likes the design and it is a decent price for his high end bike needs. Who knew? haha.

Yes we will both be riding Mongoose bikes, so what, we both drive Cobalts as well. We think a lot a like, it works. We haven't bought them, but we may tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Coffee Fix

A few weeks ago I stopped by Starbucks on my way to Ryan's sisters when we headed up to Waco for a short visit. The barista convinced me to buy some yummy beans. Well at the time I was not aware that they were not ground, hah. She asked me, inaudibly, if I would like them ground and I told her no. As I got into the car in a hurry I realized what she'd asked me and was bummed. I don't own a grinder. Hah again. So, I put it on my Christmas/Birthday list, but the beans will not be good forever. What to do. I asked a friend if she had a grinder and duh she did. But before I actually made it to her house, a week after I asked her, Ryan and I headed to the Humble area for some needed items. We wanted a collapsible clothes hamper, because of our small space and lack of storage space. While we were at Bed Bath & Beyond I stopped by the coffee nook to price grinders and presses, that was also on my wish list because I'm the only one who drinks coffee we don't need a whole coffee maker just something small for me. We found a reasonably priced press and we had $12 on a gift card from the wedding and decided it would be a good buy. So we technically only paid for the hamper.
Now for my beans. We had to go to target for other things and Ryan wanted to check out the grinders there. We found a coffee grinder on sale for $20 and we bought it! Yay. Problem solved.
I've had really good coffee this week and it is so needed. My co-teacher is on vacation this week and help is hard to come by. Thank you delicious caffeine loaded coffee.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our First Official DIY

Our first DIY (unless  you count my New Year self hair dye project) is not house related, because we have no place yet. Our DIY is car related. About a year and a half ago my front left speaker went out. I couldn't hear my blinker or any other alert sound; low fuel, seatbelt, door etc. So for Christmas that year Ryan bought me new speaker. Whoo hoo. Since we haven't lived in the same town for years we never had enough time to install them. Well last weekend we were able to spend time putting the speakers in. Ryan checked my car model and was told the speaker were 6 inches, so that's what he bought. When he went to put them in the car he discovered they were 6 1/2 inches! Bummer, we had to buy new speakers. And the first speakers were on super sale. We did some research online and found that the stores were carrying speakers for about the same prices. We settled on some Sony XPlod speakers from Wal-Mart, cheap and reliable. 
Here are the covers. I got this notion to paint them turquoise. I'm really loving that color right now. If we had our own place the whole thing would probably be shades of blue! Hah. So Ryan said sure paint them turquoise. We couldn't find spray paint in the right color so we bought some acrylic paint and mixed the colors. 
I grabbed this paint swatch off the shelf by the spray paint, of course "peacock blue". We bought these three colors and mixed them together. It was so perfect. This is how they turned out:
Not bad eh? The next step was for Ryan to get to work. It was going to be a much more difficult task than he'd expected. The door panels were one mold and his research told him the the speaker covers that came with the car were supposed to screw in/out. Dang. So he had to use a Dremmel tool to cut the old speaker covers off. 
Here he is working with his Dremmel. Not a perfect cut, but they look great in the end. There was so much involved with installing these speakers I have no clue the details of what it is he did exactly something about foam tape and self drilling screws. 
After this part, he put in the new speakers, soldered them together and we had sound! But no covers yet. They were drying. The new Sony speakers are blue on the inside just on the inner circle and I was nervous that the turquoise would look weird, but I did it anyway. 
See, great fit. You can't even tell the hole wasn't perfectly round. I can imagine cutting it out was difficult with a guide, so props to the husband. And now for the fun covers!!
I know my car is red and the blue speakers scream "fourth of July" which happens to be my least favorite color scheme next to Halloween colors, but I love them. Every time I get in the car I smile. Not only are they super cute, but I can hear music in my left ear! 
This is a shot in the sunlight. 
Now all Cinnamon (the car's name) needs is a good wash, an oil change, and a detail courtesy of our wedding gift Shop-Vac. Check back, I'll be dying my hair again this week hopefully, I had a coupon.