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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Television

     The only day I officially watch television on purpose is on Thursdays for Grey's Anatomy of course. As of late I've been watching American Idol, so now I watch television on Wednesday too. I started watching it during the San Francisco auditions and for some reason I just can't stop. Ryan's been watching it with me which is pretty funny, because he only ever watches the History channel, the Military channel or the Discovery channel. On Thursday when Grey's comes on I stop watching American Idol and switch over to Grey's, because I love it so much more and I miss the last hour of the singing on Thursdays. I'm okay with that.
     It just so happens that I'm also a huge fan of Old Navy. Let me say that my entire outfit today(shirt, shoes, and pants) was from Old Navy. They're pants and jeans are basically the only brand that fit me the way I like them and they're tops are usually on sale and I find my cutest flats there, also on sale. So, this week I'm watching my usual television shows and two commercials for Old Navy have come on and I LOVE them. They are hysterical. Check them out if you haven't seen them.
This one is super c-u-t-e of course, it really cracks me up, but...
this one is even funnier!! LOVE
I like it when the guy says "it's time to show those ankles please" hilarious. 

I am a fan of Thursday night television :)

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Jessica Krzyz said...

this post makes me sad bc when i saw these two commercials i said something like 'omg so stupid'... and i dont like ur television choices either... haha. but i love you!